Extra Ecstasy: Neptune Goes Retrograde & What To Do About It If Anything

"jupiter square saturn"We have to talk about Neptune and I’m sitting here thinking about what approach to take.

Neptune goes retrograde on Monday at 12 degrees.
It goes direct in November at 9 degrees (my descendent!).

We could talk about why outer planet retrogrades matter.
We could discuss whether retrograde Neptune is fuzzier, clearer, or the same. I’m sure you have thoughts on this if you are reading my blog.

I could tell you to look at the Pisces part of your chart.
I could ask you how you feel about Neptune, about whether you’re a Neptune girl or boy, whether you’re a 12th Houser.

And I could use words and phrases like “sacrifice,” “self sabotage,” “serve or suffer,” “drunk.” We could talk about the mutable t-square between Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune and how on Monday, Venus in Gemini is square Chiron in Pisces and the Moon is in Libra.

But instead I’d like to talk about love.

There is no love without Neptune. Without Neptune, you see too clearly. Without Neptune you see everything. Without Neptune, you see things as they are. And WITH Neptune she or he is ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Too much Neptune and you’re always disappointed, always sighing, always listening to Satie. Neptune’s veils eventually drop — but I’m thinking Neptune going retrograde is going to give us a MUCH NEEDED DOSE of too much Neptune. It’s been a very hard 2016 so far and I don’t see anything wrong with a little extra ecstasy.

So this is what I suggest because I like to suggest things. Create a little Neptune altar. A little Neptune ritual. This weekend and/or early next week to honor the most mystical of the Gods we talk about when we talk about astrology.

Those of you with planets or points being aspected by Neptune these days (these YEARS), of course this is more relevant for your chart and heart.

So I ask myself: what does this mean? Neptune rolling back and forth over my descendent for years. Neptune squaring a client’s Sun for YEARS. And now another retrograde.

Oddly enough (and I say oddly because Neptune is water and I’m about to make a funny comparison) Neptune reminds me of the Wands suit of the Tarot. I tend to think of the Wands as a modifier. An adverb. She crossed the street ENTHUSIASTICALLY. You lived your Sun (squared by Neptune) confusedly. Neptune fucked you up. You just couldn’t see.

So back to the original question which I’m trying to avoid (and Neptune rules avoidance, denial): WHAT DOES NEPTUNE GOING RETROGRADE MEAN?

To be continued…