We’re in the midst of a long angry slog by the name of Mars retrograde and this week we have a Full Moon in Mars Retrograde in Gemini. Where are the boundaries? What needs to be said? Gemini rules speech. Everything means something and nothing means anything.

I’m at that point in the semester (that “almost over” part) when I’m skimming some of the reading instead of going as deep and realizing I need to focus my attention and energy on writing a paper and I’ll have to catch up with the unread articles later on and I’m sitting here thinking I need to take in this moment. I did something that scared me. Willingly. I think a lot of people never have this feeling. Life IS scary but how often do you put your hand in the fire?

It’s weird to be a professional psychic astrologer/tarot reader. There’s a part of me that’s hungry to listen and respond, answer questions, make predictions, do what I do. An astrologer, years ago, told me I *should* do this work, that my Moon Pluto conjunction needed it. But there’s also a part of me that’s out of words.

Actually…. what’s true is that I don’t want to blog anymore but I don’t know where to put my daily thoughts. I know I want to write a new book (as I search for an agent for book no. 3. But the daily thoughts. Where to put the daily thoughts? New podcast? Old podcast? Back to Facebook?


Mars is retrograde in the sign of the writer. Our words and thoughts are foggy. I remember saying to my (new) analyst back in September that going back to school was my “third act” or something like that. First act was when I was a poet. Second act was astrology career. And now this. He asked me how many acts do we get? (He’s kinda smart I think, in a subtle, non-showy way. Nothing to prove.)

Okay. I will start a new book. After I write this paper. I have to. And in the meantime pray for an agent. It’s funny, ironic, I was skimming a paper this afternoon (for class this week) about fathers and daughters and my book is about fathers, about men, about their presence and absence.

I am thinking I should put the daily thoughts somewhere, not here… so that when I am gone you can still listen.

To be continued…