The Stars This Week: Live Or Die

How strong you are, continually reborn. It takes strength to allow for your own rebirth. You know this right? Every time you lose. Every time you suffer. You have a choice in that moment and right after. You have a choice. Live or die.

Lillith keeps coming up in my conversations. I’ll blog about her soon and think about her even sooner. Lillith is in Sagittarius. I think of her as a “don’t fence me in” type of energy so in Sagittarius that much more so but also MORE FUN. Yes, Lillith has fun. As she wipes your blood from her mouth.

This is an important week. I’m not going to say it’s a difficult week but it is an important week. We start off with a Cancer Moon and here’s a short list of what else:

Mars trine Pluto
Saturn goes retrograde
Sun opposition Jupiter
Venus square Saturn
Sun square Pluto
Mercury retrograde

I was going to say: you will not get your way but I want to revise that. Whatever your way happens to be? Don’t advertise it.

The week is intense the way your favorite song is intense. It’s pulpy like a broken heart. It’s explosive, internal, and like Lot’s wife there’s a risk of turning to salt when you turn around to see the burning city. You’ve got no business back there.

The only way I know to MOVE ON is to be heard. Find a witness skilled in exorcism and compassion. Pour out your heart, tell your story, intend to walk away — but you can’t walk away if you hold on to something that by its nature needs to slip through your fist.

Renegotiating the terms of your life is what retrograde times are for. Bursting through the impossible is what squares are for. And oppositions are battles. Don’t expect applause. Hard week for those who require approval which is pretty much all of us.


What is worth fighting for AT THIS TIME and where do you need to stop and reassess despite your fears? What do you usually refuse to examine? Time is slowing down for you.

I will try to blog day by day to give you  my thoughts on these transits. There is so much more to say.