Sun Jupiter TA-DA!

I want to talk about a few things. I’ll make it quick. About how my analyst wants to know more about my daily life and about my feelings about this. About the new book I started writing and am working on it again today. About how I’m wondering if it will turn into a partnership with this press. About that dastardly Mercury Saturn opposition that is separating and last night what relief I felt to be away from it and away from Tuesday’s Full Moon. And that I have finally found a cafe I can work at with good tables, good lighting, good bathroom, good music, but it’s a trek. It’s beautiful to sit here and watch the yellow taxicabs go by. Hello you.

But let’s talk this weekend’s astrology:

We have a Sun Jupiter square and I’m not a fan of squares (a hard aspect that deserves its hard reputation) and even Jupiter squares get a bad rap (too much of a good thing) but I LIKE this Sun Jupiter square. We need it. We need to feel stupidly optimistic. It’s been a while. And if the Sun is YOU and Jupiter makes things big, expands what it touches…  then ahhh we’re growing and growing and growing and if you’ve been feeling down down down down in the dirt beneath the dirt then you need this big big Jupiter moment. I can’t promise you a miracle. I can’t promise you any practical changes, but you will feel better about it all anyway. At least for the time being.

To be continued….

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