Oh Karma: Venus Is Retrograde Until April 15th

"venus retrograde in aries"
I feel so much for my clients who want love. Who want love and CAN love.

They are not deficient in love. What are they deficient in? Luck? Timing?

I feel for them. I don’t know why some people are blessed with ease in matters of the heart and others never find the love they seek.

For some people it does seem so easy and you can see this in the chart – you can see ease in attracting and you can see capacity for happiness and you can see those who wander and those who have depth.

It’s harder to see why. It’s not satisfying to me to say “Oh karma” or “Oh past life shit.” Oh South Node conjunct Venus!

We ALL have past live shit. Some of us were saints. Some of us ARE saints. I wish all my clients could find love sweet love. I wish all my clients had someone special thinking about them right now.

April is coming and April is this massive review and not just with Venus matters- we have a slew of planets that will be retrograde and I will blog about this on Sunday or Monday.

For the moment though I just wanted to tell you that my heart is with you and that I feel your pain. Maybe you are married and unhappy. Maybe you are single and mostly happy. Maybe you wonder if you’ll ever not be discarded. Will she text? Will he remember you? Will he or she see you, clearly, for who you are, value you, want you, after seeing you, touching you.

Don’t let Venus retrograde get you down. This is your chance to shut certain doors that are worthy and waiting to be shut. Then dissolve the door itself. Don’t look back. Clean slate once Venus enters Taurus. For me, all of Venus in Aries is a hot zone and once we reach the Taurus promised land of milk and honey and chocolate almonds, it’s like we have all new cells. We were never sick in the first place. It was all a dream.

I wish I knew the names of the plants outside my window. I should ask my landlord next time he comes by because I’d love to make a metaphor now about what I see blowing in the spring breeze here, unfragile green leaves announcing themselves: BE LIKE US! We bend and we don’t break except when the season demands it.

“He tore out the witch hazel,” my landlord said. ┬áI told him Cleo was buried in the backyard. He wanted to know where so that he wouldn’t disturb her and I showed him where my friend dug the grave and buried her and he thought for a moment that my friend must have torn out the witch hazel but I have a feeling whatever it was will grow up and around her when the time is right.

That night, after she died, after her burial, I would have, could have, kissed him. In fact, I even asked him, as he was leaving, what happened to us, even though I already knew the answer. I wanted to hear it from him. See, we had tried to date. Unsuccessfully. And tried to forge a friendship. Somewhat successfully unsuccessfully.

But about you and Venus retrograde. I don’t want to make any promises I can’t keep. People say to me, with stars in their eyes: will everything be okay? Will my dreams come true?

I do know that you can start by making YOUR life okay, no matter who is in it. That’s love too.

This morning I love my house, I love my neighborhood even as I’m afraid to say “my” because it’s all “rented.” And yet my love seals it. My energy will be here forever. My house, my street, my favorite little store where I got coffee and Quest bars and a breakfast burrito. My cat Goldy, very much alive. My day and all my tasks to complete. My body, my heart, my sadness, my fears, my past.

Let’s end this blog post on a positive note. That’s where I was heading anyway. Let’s try.

That this massive review time of April, including matters of the heart, is a redemption for you and no coincidence that it will be Passover time and Easter time. Not everything gets solved. We can’t get it all right and perfect. That’s not what life is for.

But you can learn the name of a plant and you can love a friend and you can mourn the death of the witch hazel and let go what never was, what was never meant to be.

Make sense?


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