Finishing Up Jupiter In Libra + New Tarot Class + EMOTIONAL WALLS

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The High Priestess in the house

It’s only through relationship that we find out who we are and where we’re at — at any given moment.

I have a new post on Patheos Pagan that speaks to this somewhat. It’s about Leo Season coming up and also a reminder about the Eclipses this August. Yes, they are on the way.

But what’s on my mind today is Jupiter in Libra.

Jupiter won’t be in Libra that much longer, just a few months. Venus rules Libra and Venus is a mirror. We see ourselves in it.

Over the last few days I’ve been getting the same message. That I’m closed or closed off.
Not my words but found it interesting. WALLS.

On the one hand it’s an introvert thing. I go into public spaces (like church or shul or wherever) and absorb energy. I’m not there to small talk. And a friendly acquaintance noted my wall. I feel I AM friendly to her. I like her a lot.

And I thought to myself: yes, Pluto in the First House. We have a wall. Cancer Stellium in the 11th. Plenty more walls. Virgo Rising. Also can be a wall of reserve.

And then it happened again today. No one commented on my behavior or social style but THROUGH an interaction with another human I saw myself. And it shocked me.

An occupational hazard of the work I do and maybe you can relate:
I get out of my way so that I can SEE YOU. But then where am I?

We all need feedback so that we know WE EXIST. Jupiter in Libra can help. Jupiter in Libra, for the rest of this transit, should fill your life with PEOPLE. Let it. Don’t be a monk, please. Not now. Save it for Jupiter in Scorpio perhaps but not now.

So this class is coming up! Here is the link (and the course description isn’t all up yet, still some tweaking but these are the basics – there will be weekly videos as well).  And it’s relevant to this discussion here. And I hope you will check it out and see if it is right for you and visit the other classes being offered. It’s a Tarot class that I’m doing, shortly after Labor Day (early September) – six weeks – a make your own Tarot deck class but it’s so much more than that.

I mean it’s about exploration and creativity AND Tarot. It’s about all the choices the creation of a deck present. It’s about imagery and story and your life. Imagine that. That your deck shows your life. Would you? Could you?

And through the process of talking with my collaborator today I made this stark discovery about WALLS – which also came through all the CUPS cards I kept drawing. Cup after Cup after Cup. Relationships. Emotions. Walls or no walls. Emotional free-flow or Four of Cups NO. 

People who live in community vs. the monks among us… it’s so different. A good friend was shocked to hear that I often have my phone set to ringer OFF. I have no parents, no children. I don’t have a parter. I have clients and friends but I check my phone often enough. Still she was surprised. For the monks among us, there’s a different kind of emergency. It’s not usually a phone call.

I wasn’t meaning to make this blog post a commercial. I was just going to mention the class at the end but I realize now, through writing this, that the class will be a journey for me too and that in order to connect – to anyone AND to ourselves – we need each other. 

This pre-Eclipse revelation hits me straight in my monk-like heart.

Are you watching Jupiter in Libra at the mid-degrees?
Is it aspecting your chart?

When I think about my heart right now, I see it, I feel it. So much pouring out of it, like a waterfall. The image is of water but I’m not sure it’s tears. I don’t know what these waves are made of, but they pour and pour and pour.

Just message me if you have any questions about anything, about the class, about Jupiter in Libra, about how I can help you xoxo much love my darlings the Eclipses are almost here and they come to change the course of our lives. Truth!

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Hanged Man – 2015. Pastel. Staten Island.

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