This New Moon Eclipse Is A Goddess Eclipse (March 8th/9th)

"south node in pisces"I want to talk to you in the dark.

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That “talking in the dark” thing is a reference to the upcoming radio show.
When I first approached the radio folks about doing a show, I was thinking about a show early in the day but I’m now I’m feeling that a later time frame may be necessary. Not too late (and it will be available on demand) but the later hour adds to the mood I’m after.

Details to come…

I’ve already written some about the New Moon Solar Eclipse coming up. Fair to say that I get pretty obsessed with Eclipse energy and what the Eclipses mean for us all — what I think they mean though is pretty personal, individual, depending on your chart.

As I tell clients, an Eclipse is never just ONE DAY although you may experience *something* on or around those days. You really need to look at how an Eclipse aspects your chart (including the house, including the progressed) to get more keys and clues. We have to read Eclipses in context — of our lives.

Did you know this New Moon Pisces Eclipse is conjunct Ceres? She is your mother. She grieves for you, disapproves of you, loves you. You will feel her love that day. Juno in Scorpio (retrograde) trines the Eclipse. Juno is another Asteroid Goddess to pay attention to by transit and in your chart. To me, Juno in the chart is where you must not betray yourself — EVER. And don’t forget Chiron. The Eclipse is ALSO conjunct Chiron, our Wounded Healer. He knows how to fix you. Listen to him.

Jupiter in Virgo (expansion, prophesy, blessing) will oppose the Pisces Party and the Nodes are right there too. And Saturn squares it all! Unyielding, strict Saturn. In my humble opinion, you must keep your eye on your Pisces House. That’s your future, where you’re headed. Focus there when you feel down. The Saturn House will make you stop and worry, yes. And the Virgo House is there to counterbalance any over the top idealism but the truth is, you’re on your way.

See, there was a story. There was a story that got born last year – that previous New Moon Solar in Pisces YES I see this as a continuing story — of nurturing, of loss, of lost and found, of healing. Of getting it right. Now’s your chance to get it right. We all get a second chance here. Or maybe it’s a third or fourth chance for some of you. Maybe longer. Think about it.