The Sky This Week: Careful Out there

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I was never a huge Barbra Streisand fan, but my mother was and, well, she’s family 😉 (my mother and Barbra) and whenever I (an extreme introvert) find myself recovering from a social situation, I think of that hit song of hers that goes: People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.

Are they? Are they really, Barbra?

Today I was at school. The Institute. I can usually focus pretty well there, and I had a contract to read and was hoping to do some writing. I got the first thing done but not the second (not much anyway). And I was enjoying the social interactions and someone asked me about my work/field/profession prior to training to be a psychoanalyst and I said I was a writer, got an MFA a long time ago, poet/playwright, etc. And then I said but I’m an astrologer and then they (two lovely people) asked me to guess their Sun Signs and I said I was terrible at that (TRUE) but what I can feel is energy and I will feel/intuit some intricate things in your chart (aspects, house placements even) but Sun? Nah. Probably not.

And I proved my point. I guessed one person’s Sun wrong… but I said: there’s fire. There’s fire in your chart. I FEEEEEEL FIRE. That I know.  Moon in Sagittarius, they said. And then I was able to figure out (based on their Rising) that they had a 10th House Mars and I said THAT’S IT! That’s why I feel the fire too i.e. the leadership, the dominance. And I felt FIRE too from the other person (although a bit less) and they too have Mars in their 10th and…  Mars is associated with Aries/Fire and people will feel your 10th House (a public House) as they feel your Ascendent.

I am recovering at home now from… people. Social interactions usually drain me but I also need them — otherwise it’s just me and the ancestors, guides, memories, 12th House, etc.  See, I’ve got an 11th House Cancer stellium. I need the Group (11th House) but I want to be in my shell (Cancer)!

But I wanted to WARN YOU about this week. Take care. Take care this week. 

Why? Mars opposite Saturn. Sun opposite Pluto.

Honestly I don’t care fuck all about the Cardinal Cross. What the Nodes are up to won’t fuck you up this week. It’s the Mars (competition) and the Saturn (authority/rules) and the Pluto (power/power struggle/the crisis you need to heal) + emotional Sun in Cancer AND THEN Venus goes retrograde over the weekend the same day that the Sun enters Leo.

So you’re angry and you’re frustrated and you’re tear-struck and you’re damn the torpedoes (where does that phrase come from?) full speed ahead DO OR DIE. And you want to enjoy Leo Season but… Venus is retrograde in Leo. Sad Leo.

I’ve probably told you this already on Patreon or this blog or Substack or…. I don’t even know where. Just take care and… seriously, my friends, don’t go after anyone, even if you feel they deserve it. It will not go well. This is not the week to crush you enemies. Vengeance is NOT yours this week. Trust me.

Believe what you like (there’s a lot of bad astro out there) but I am TELLING YOU: do not fuck around with a Mars Saturn/Sun Pluto week in hard aspect. People’s egos are… feeling threatened and when people feel threatened they tend to lash out so take care take care take care.

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