The River Is Alive: Between The Eclipses

How’s your Mercury retrograde going? Any revelations? Any blasts from the past?

Whatever happens during the retrograde might be a rectification. It might be a review or a redo or a renew and all this redoing and reviewing and renewing is good for you.

And I’ll tell you something else: Remember, my friends, dear star lovers, we’re between the eclipses. Don’t you forget. This time, this time we’re in now, it means something. So if you’re feeling on the verge it’s because you are, we are, on the verge. I know you feel it, too, breathing down your neck.

So don’t let this week’s painful Mars Chiron square get you down. You’re bigger than that. If there’s one thing I know about Taurus (and it’s Taurus Season as I write to you) it’s that on the one hand they have infinite patience. On the other hand they have a temper that would wake the dead. Both potentials exist in the same person and yes I know the energies are charging at you right now. I know Mars square Chiron is a heartbreak but it’s also a breakthrough, and between the eclipses is the time when you, well, say goodbye to the old life.

I don’t mean to sound so dramatic (haha) but it’s the truth. You think the stars are impervious to your goings-on?

Listen. Here’s what you do:

1) dust off ye altar
2) put in an order for more tea lights
3) get the good matches not those flimsy ones that break
4) Do Your Magic

Are you a petition paper kinda girl? Maybe you pray to my old friend Santa Muerte. Maybe you like crystal grids, crystal magic. Maybe, for you, it’s Tarot and a 20 minute meditation. A shamanic journey. An old fashioned (or new fashioned) spell. Blood magic. Oh yes I remember the days of blood magic.

In either case… Pluto in Aquarius is fixing to go retrograde soon and Saturn is still in Pisces and Jupiter enters Taurus next month and over the summer the Nodes change signs and…

As I’m fond of saying: we’re all in this together even though we feel far apart at times, separate.

Was kinda funny. For class today, we had to read this Bettelheim chapter about myths and fairy tales and I wasn’t able to finish it so was skimming it during class and I realized he was kinda anti-magic. Only children believe the river is alive? Of course the river is alive. I know you know the RIVER IS ALIVE.

To be continued…