You Can Calm Down: Jupiter in Taurus

I feel haunted by Frieda Fromm-Reichmann, one of the many analyst-writers I had the privilege to read this semester and it’s the end of the semester although I still have one more short paper to write. I’m not quite at the end of my life, but I have already outlived my father so… there is no measuring stick for all. I was in the living room just now, putting some of my papers in a pile and I feel haunted by all these papers we read and all the patients and ideas the writers wrote about.

And lately when I talk to my clients it’s not that I’m diagnosing them but that I am seeing the time we would need, the time it would take to treat them instead of the spiritual “band-aid” work that I’ve been doing for a very long time now. I see time expand into the future and I think: oh give me a year and I would make a dent. Maybe two years. A slightly bigger dent. But who knows. I don’t see symptoms really. Or I don’t think of them that way. What I see is… how their minds work. And I might feel it too (always, of course) but now there’s more distance, a stepping back, seeing how people box themselves in, how their very thinking is trapping them. I guess I always saw these things, felt them, but now it’s clear in a different way.

Now, Jupiter has to do with freedom, among other things, and is the opposite of trapping and sorting and haunting. When I think of Jupiter in Aries I think of a terrifying freedom. Too much too fast, wild, expansion at breakneck speed. With Jupiter in Taurus we slow down a little. We don’t have to be so brave anymore. We can calm down. You can calm down.

To be continued… 

PS Jupiter enters Taurus May 16th