The Mars in Your Chart is the Animal Within

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I’m sitting at my favorite Brooklyn cafe. The owners and workers are friendly. The food and coffee is good. I even like the music which isn’t too loud. AND THE BATHROOM IS CLEAN AND EXCELLENT. I always judge a coffee shop on its bathroom and noise-level. People are sitting outside, in the back, on the patio. Why anyone would want to sit outside is a mystery to me but I’ve never been… outdoorsy? Run of the mill? The only thing I like to do outside is walk. I could walk for miles and hours and I do but sit outside with the bugs? ARE YOU CRAZY?

Already I’ve gone into the all-caps. MARS MUST BE IN ARIES. But seriously, we do tend to think of fire signs as… exuberant and indeed they sometimes are and I’m thinking right now of a Sagittarius friend who, at this time, is the most high spirited person I know.

And I was just telling my Patrons that Mars in Aries (through my Eighth House) has already worn me out. Too much psychological intrigue. Too many triangles. Too much coercion, bullying. I’m ready for Mars in Taurus. I think to myself: time to lay very low. Now I’m not saying the Eighth House is bad or that Mars in Aries is bad. What I am saying is every planet and sign and House and combination thereof has a higher and a lower vibration. You can take any one thing from any chart and spin it up or spin it down. It all depends. But now, I realize, I need a plan, for the rest of this transit before I get myself further embroiled in the Intrigue.

What to do with the Eighth House? MAGIC. Do magic. Do spells. Do psychoanalysis. It’s a good time, an excellent time, to go deep just… choose wisely. Don’t go merging with just anyone.

I used to have a boyfriend with Mars in Aries. He loved motorcycles. He loved to go fast. He was productive, prolific. He worked hard. Endless energy. Commanding, in charge, dominant. Sexual. One planet does not a whole person make and yet… your Mars is going to tell the world what turns you on. 

The Mars in your chart is the animal within. I was about to say Mars in Aries always feels like an animal to me and then I realized every Mars sign gives me that feeing. Mars is the animal side of us: sex and death (f**king and killing). Uncivilized. Not polite society. Mars is dangerous.

I think about my own Mars in Cancer (which sits with my Sun and Mercury). Mars fights but Mars in Cancer is not interested in fighting. I think it’s my 11th House (Cancer stellium in the 11th) that gets me mouthing off when it happens (11th House always has a cause) or when the stupidity just rises so high and I reach my breaking point. The other day a classmate told me I had no false self. I laughed but I need to ask him what he meant. I mean I know what Winnicott meant but what did my classmate mean? I think he meant, at times, I don’t hold back. Thing is, I hold back *most* of the time. It’s weird and interesting to observe people reacting to me. People have such literal, concrete minds (even the non-psychotic ones!).

The least you need to know about your Mars in Aries transit: You’ll make progress in your Aries House and that’s a promise. Aries goes fast. Prepare for breakthrough! HERE IT COMES!!!!

Keep passing the open windows, dear star lovers. I’ll be back as soon as I can xo