Libidinal: Venus Goes Retrograde This Summer

I need to write another book. There are a few things I need. I’m not sure a Substack is one of them, but a German shepherd might be. I actually started a new book but before I even started it (slowly writing the introduction to it, for a book proposal) I sent off the idea to a small occult press, knowing my idea might not be exactly what they do. The book is about, among other things, intuition.

So the other day I told my analyst that my libido had returned and it returned once I stopped having bagels and fresh orange juice for breakfast. Seriously. Once again, I cut out all the carbohydrates (except from vegetables mostly) and a light switched on. Less tired, thinking clearer, libido returning. It was nothing I didn’t know, but sometimes I pretend I don’t know.

I’ll be honest. I’m not crazy about Venus going retrograde this summer. I feel like we just finished the Mars retrograde and here comes Venus all twisted up inside. She doesn’t know what she wants. You don’t know what you want. Or do you. Do you?

To be continued…

*Venus goes retrograde in Leo, July 22nd — 28 degrees
*Venus goes direct in Leo, September 3rd — 12 degrees