Sea Legs: A Reminder to Live the North Node

A reminder to be living the North Node.
The North Node is in Aries.
There’s an Aries part of your personal chart.
What house is it for you?

The Nodes right now are at 20 degrees. Do you have planets around 20? Yes, there’s a North Node and a South Node and I read the North Node as the direction to go in, “where we make steady increments” (as my teacher used to say). There’s something about the North that we need to do. There’s something about the South that we need to… undo. When you head North you will feel empowered. It might not be perfect. It won’t be perfect. The North Node is… new, scary, unexplored, weird. Sea legs. We won’t know what to do or how to do it so… I don’t advise rushing in, but situations will 100% arise where you are tasked to enter that House, that part of your chart.

Mars enters Capricorn and isn’t this interesting because Mars will be squaring the Nodes (and squaring Chiron in Aries). On the one hand, squares to the Nodes can feel like timeline jumps (the Nodes pointing out our destiny). It can feel like the Fool card, Tower card, Wheel of Fortune on the inside. You might feel pulled along over the next few weeks but also, at times, blocked, constipated but then the enema works REAL GOOD and progress is made.

It’s hard to keep a good Mars down. Mars will find a way, especially Mars in Capricorn. Many of us have spiritual goals at this time. Mars in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn in Pisces and Pisces is psychic, no boundaries. Once again we’re being asked to trust.

This weekend is that Sun Chiron square. I know the things you never learned to do are looming, staring you in the face. I know you feel like the kid who got left behind, had to repeat a grade, a lesson, but if there’s one thing a North Node in Aries promises it’s the velocity of passion, fire. I think that’s why I’m cautioning you to slow down because once you press the button the whole thing will light up. No turning back.

I have a key for you. THE key. I talk about THE key in my novel (which may or may not ever see the light of day — still need that independent press, agent, whatever — and I may circulate it amongst a small merry band of humans after all and create a secret society but I digress).

The key is your LIBERTY. Sovereignty. Who are you? No. Really. Who are YOU?

To be continued