Welcome Back Jupiter in Gemini (Very Stray Thoughts)

Think back to 2012/2013.
What stands out to you about your own life?
That’s the last time Jupiter was in Gemini.

In 2011, I launched my astrology “career.” By “launch” I mean that I started this blog and started tweeting and by career I mean I went from being a self-employed pet sitter to self-employed astrologer. With Jupiter heading back to Gemini it’s full circle, full cycle time.

It’s always a mixed bag, right? You could probably think up ten things to love about Jupiter in Gemini and ten things to hate and the truth is I know a lot of people with this in their natal and none of them like it! Sometimes it’s the first thing they say to me in a session: See that? See that JUPITER IN GEMINI IT’S SO AWFUL. They hate how scattered they feel or that they get nothing done. (And yet they actually DO get a lot done so… it’s interesting. Jupiter in Gemini is at odds with their chart.)

The books might say it’s an unfortunate overwhelm (although I haven’t visited the books in a while) but here’s something: Jupiter sees the big picture and Gemini is an information hog so your vision might be a little off. Big small big small big small what?! You might want to try on ALL the shoes but you can’t. You’re human. You simply cannot try on all the shoes. Jupiter has a big appetite. Gemini is the Twins. Expect two of everything PLUS.

I expect everyone will be very VERY busy, not that Jupiter and Uranus both in Taurus was a sleeper but Jupiter in Gemini can LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE.

A little about Jupiter in Gemini trine Pluto and Jupiter in Gemini square Saturn:
Jupiter Pluto is a power move. In the trine, all goes well. It’s a flex. But then Jupiter Saturn is a restriction or the feeling of a setback. Your light dims for a moment or for more than a moment if Jupiter retrogrades around that Saturn degree. OR it might just be you working very hard to make your Jupiter dreams come true.

Dear friends, I’ll be working on a new book and with Jupiter moving through 10th House Gemini for me, I wonder if I’ll get a bite on that novel and be working on two books, but it could be something else and probably more than ONE NEW THING.

You know the drill. You need to locate your Gemini House and study it, understand it, so that you know what area of your world is about to expand.

Some quick things to remember:
Jupiter is BIG
Jupiter is confident (blustery, buoyant), not self conscious
Jupiter wants adventure, Jupiter is fun
Jupiter is the horizon
Jupiter the storyteller (remember when everyone on their social media bios was calling themselves a storyteller? Do they still do that?)

The other day I took a walk with a Sagittarius to a small rally and I don’t know how much Sag he has because I don’t know his whole chart and instead of saying “he worked the room” because we weren’t in a room I can say he worked the street. As we walked, he said hi to everyone he knew or thought he knew and made new friends along the way. I’d never seen anything like it. It was Jupiter on steroids. He made the street a party and he was the king of it. Or maybe the Knight. Or maybe a Page 😉

Jupiter knows everyone (or acts like they do) but for sure Jupiter in Gemini will be an increase in your social life, even for the most introverted among us (me!). Of course there is more to say and there will be more blog posts on this so let me stop here for now except to say that Jupiter entering Gemini is around the corner, on May 25th so get ready. For what? A boost!

Jupiter in Gemini: lots o writing
Jupiter in Gemini: lots o thinking
Jupiter in Gemini: well, do you like Gemini energy? What does it mean to you?
Jupiter in Gemini: lots of walking, lots of travel (or an increase), doing 20 things at once and it might feel just right or lucky or… exhausting? Hmm.

Gemini to me is… social energy. Not heavy. It’s light. It’s Mercury. It’s clever. It’s not trying to save the world. It’s FUN. Did I already say that? Gemini is fun. Jupiter is fun. Jupiter in Gemini might be the transit you’ve been waiting for (until the burnout kicks in but we’ll get to that soon enough.)

Jupiter’s gifts may not all be forever. There will be some flashes in the pan. Jupiter promises and doesn’t always deliver. Do I think there will be a gift you won’t want to return? Yes. There will be breakthroughs for many. Gemini is much faster than Taurus. You’ll see. The lightening speed quality may feel like too much at times. Jupiter is, by definition, a lot. Jupiter expands what it touches.

We’ll focus on guidance next time and I’ll try to write in a less scattered way, but in the meantime please know it’s okay to look forward to stuff and it’s okay to feel good. Really! It is!


PS Part Two of this blog post can be found on my Substack (a Private Post if you become a paid-sub). Further reflections