Mercury Trine Uranus: Unexpected Words

Okay this is Mercury trine Uranus in action and this aspect is on order this week, exact on Saturday but we’re feeling it now, living it now.

Last night I sent off a quick email to someone who was, well, really important to me, and is partly responsible for the shape of my life right now. I wasn’t asking for anything. There wasn’t any intense emotion in it. It was a thought I wanted to share, a spontaneous thought. Mercury = thought. Uranus = spontaneous.

So I sent this quick, off the cuff, but heartfelt and real email and today got a response but not just any response. It had an apology in it. An apology I wish I had gotten months ago although I understand why I didn’t get it then. I wasn’t looking for one; it wasn’t on my mind. I didn’t even expect a reply. My email had no aggression, no passive aggression, it was just… here is some of “now” but also a nod to the recipient.

I read the response. Put the phone down. A good response. Surprised me. It felt full-blooded, not dashed off and it even spoke to things that I didn’t even mention in my email. And then I started to cry and read it again. I think I hadn’t noticed the apology the first time.

THIS is Mercury trine Uranus. A trine because it went well and it was a sudden communication and I think I got a hothouse of closure and it was closure that I wasn’t even seeking. You hear that? I wasn’t even looking for it. But I got it. Expect the unexpected under a Uranian sky.

Mercury: words, communications, email, the short letter I sent.
Uranus: expect the unexpected, surprise, shock.
Trine: easy flow of energy

I cried but it wasn’t tears of pain, not really. And I actually wrote the email under the influence of the Mercury square Chiron (words of pain, far more difficult) but Mercury just keeps on moving, like life.

To be continued… 

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