The Stars This Week: It’s In Your Pisces House

My intuition is like a laser.

I recently made a new acquaintance, and I saw through her like a pane of glass, and I think eventually she realized this, and then she blocked me because she couldn’t fool me. I saw it from miles away. My bad that I let it go on for so long, alas.

Sometimes what I want to do is see, just see. Is this what I think it is? It always is.

Trust your instincts my friends. That’s my message over and over these days and is my message today!

So I probably have a little stalker, a little creeper here, someone else who has blocked me but wants to tune in to the vibes, snack on the energy. ENJOY, LITTLE STALKER CREEPER!

Otherwise, sky-wise, it’s a slow week, a week to recover and discover. Discover what? It’s in your PISCES HOUSE.

It’s about to get interesting, though, after the Devil card (low vibrational) that was last week (i.e. the greedy Mars Venus Pluto in Capricorn manipulation situation). There’s an angel now.  This week’s Sun Neptune conjunction guarantees it. It will soothe you. And I don’t even need to ask you to steer clear of any machinations for Venus and Mars now in Aquarius have moved on, all on their own. Pluto ain’t part of the mix now. Saturn is! Reality. Authenticity.

Homework: you might get a gift from your Pisces House this week. A get-out-of-jail-free card. Review your natal Jupiter and natal Neptune. 


Aliza is a gifted intuitive reader.

I have had a lot of readings but Aliza is the only reader I trust to take me to the core of my problems.

This is important, because lots of people can tell you what’s happening in your chart, but few will “go there” to the root of the problems without abandoning you alone there to pick up the pieces by yourself.

Aliza is a gifted, honest and trustworthy counselor. It helps that she’s also a poet — because she can connect words to feelings in the way that most people can’t.

Thank you, Aliza, for YEARS of help. I would not be who I am without you!”

Aliza is the rare mix of accurate psychic, skilled astrologer, and clear counsel, giving you the message you need to hear in a way you can hear it. Her reading has helped me navigate changes and challenges with more grace and awareness that I would have without her, affirming what I was feeling and giving advice on how to proceed. Highly recommend her if you are looking for some depth and help to navigate the future.

– Christopher Penczak, Author, Teacher and Co-Founder of the Temple of Witchcraft