"chiron retrograde"
Aliza’s Stars & Cards for the 4th of July 


Let’s talk about Chiron. Again. Because Chiron (“the wounded healer”) goes retrograde today. Its first retrograde in Aries.

Where Chiron is in our charts is where we are always at risk for being cut open, our insides spilling out, for everyone to see. This is how it FEELS. Vulnerability. Shame. It’s a hurting place. Insecurity. Something was stolen from us THERE.

So what happens when Chiron goes retrograde? You may reflect more on you Chiron issues – not just from the transit but from your natal placement as well. Retrogrades always insipire some kind of review or closer look.

It’s a place of RISK in the chart. Not only at risk for pain and re-wounding but risk of healing. Now if Chiron couldn’t heal himself can we really say we are at risk for actually getting “better” and solving the problem once and for all? Well, with Chiron in Aries, the impulse will be there for a full swoop of heroic healing and clearing. We are willing to die trying. That we can just be DONE with all the old pains and haunts.

Think of it this way. Chiron in ARIES (spring, first zodiac sign) is BRAND NEW. Something on fire, passionate, impatient, impulsive. Fire spreads. You take up with Chiron in Aries and this healing will spread potentially to ALL areas of your life but YOU HAVE TO EXAMINE THE WOUND no matter how painful. No matter how afraid you are of it being proven true

That you are ugly, stupid, worthless. That you’ll never have money or love or security. What a disappointment you are. God hates you. You’re cursed. Never amounting to anything. That the only thing you are good for is… and to know how that sentence ends you have to know your natal Chiron. The answer is there.

Chiron 8th may feel only good for sex or propping other people up (letting others feed off their energy) or Chiron 2nd may have self esteem so devastating low that you literally give away EVERYTHING you own and earn.

Chiron retrograde wants you to return to the pain so familiar. It’s always there but you don’t want to look at it. Not again. Please no. Let it just disappear. But that’s not advised. not now.

Chiron retrograde is like a stray animal following you around until you decide to let it inside your home and give it food, water, love, safety — everything you didn’t get for YOUR Chiron.

So. Chiron retrograde. You ready?