SLAM IT, BOLT IT SHUT: The Leo Lunar Eclipse Goodbye Party

"Uranus square moon"
Makes no sense to write about anything but the eclipse.
That’s what we’re staring it. Pacific time, my book says 9:16 pm and it’s bathed in Venus square Neptune light and Venus Neptune is a problem in and of itself: nothing is clear right now (maybe a few things okay just a few) and here we are apparently awaiting our Eclipse revelations and news and life change and NOTHING IS QUITE CLEAR so thank you very much Venus Neptune for obscuring the road like the misty foggy cloud you are. Up side of Venus Neptune: faith. Get yourself some. 

Sun’s in Aquarius. Know that. This is new. We’ve shifted from Capricorn Season to Aquarius Season although yes we have South Node Saturn Pluto still in Cap. Mercury too. Moon in Cancer today until nearly 8pm Pacific when we go Leo and then the Eclipse an hour later (close to 1 degree Leo). DUST OFF THE ALTAR. Get your candles ready. Or whatever it is you do when you do your spiritual, your ritual, your magick. I pray a lot. I got Saint Jude on the kitchen table these days. 

One thing I haven’t written about yet is Uranus. How Uranus, direct, in the late degrees of Aries is making a square to the Eclipse (out of sign). Very early Leo is like very late Cancer so we have this tension.

About this square: Uranus is the wild unpredictable and the Eclipse is some kind of goodbye or end but REMEMBER THIS: eclipses are NOT events that happen on THE DAY although this may be true for some, yes. Eclipses set up a pattern of energy so these goodbyes may not be tonight/tomorrow/this week. And there may be more than one. The door is shutting. SLAM IT. BOLT IT. It’s a person, place, thing, idea, experience, situation, habit, state of mind. SLAM IT AND BOLT IT SHUT. 


The Eclipse is in Leo. Throw a party. Leo likes to be social and have fun. THROW A PARTY. No matter how you feel. Despair, despondent, broken, and wrecked. Throw a party for her. Throw a party for that girl, for that part of you. Throw it.

Something’s gonna come through. The call’s gonna come. Venus conjoins Jupiter on Tuesday. Luck is RIGHT HERE around the corner in your Sagittarius house just open your eyes.


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