It’s Time To Talk About Saturn Again (& Venus!)

So tomorrow we have an exact Venus Saturn sextile.

Sextiles, we are told, are good, like trines are good and blackberries are good–

but that they require a little bit of work, elbow grease for best result. That trines bestow grace. Voila! We take trines for granted, most likely not even noticing the trine gift because we’ve never not had it. They work on our behalf, continually.

The sextile, however, requires your presence and possibly your action, activation, and that is why I’m in love with tomorrow’s Venus Saturn sextile. Because I think presence is a good thing. Makes you remember why you’re here. (Why are you here?)

Venus is love. Venus is money. Venus is all that stuff we want: adoration, desirability, a life with more pleasure than pain, luxury, contentment. And that’s just a short list.

And if you don’t have luxury and adoration on your list than you may have a Venus Saturn square or other HARD Venus aspect in your chart or by transit.

See, Venus wants it easy unlike Saturn who is all about the hard hard hard hard hard hard work. Saturn enjoys effort. Venus enjoys fine wine. She wants to drink it not bottle it.

If your Capricorn friend is NOT a hard worker there is something majorly up with their chart. If your Sun conjunct Saturn friend is NOT a hard worker or NOT hard on themselves? There is something up with their chart as well.

Saturn is not sympathetic.
Venus is.

So what happens when these two are getting along in the sky?

Well of course you need to check your natal chart – and see what’s going on at 8/9/10 degrees but other than that you can expect harmony tomorrow, a reserved, quiet, practical harmony. Not so glitzy. This is Saturn Venus we’re talking about. Venus in Libra is refined and Saturn in Sag is going to reduce and restrain some of that Sagittarius devil-may-care.┬áVenus in Libra wants to get along and sextile Saturn she is gonna try real hard but also make it appear effortless.

Sound good? Definitely check your chart for any interesting aspects ­čÖé