The Hunger: New Moon In Cancer/July 9th

So I’m trying to blog more regularly and I think I did it twice this week and that’s not so bad, considering. I’m still missing Dianna the Taurus but her spirit feels more and more far from me. I mean, I don’t think of her as much except when I invoke her, like now. And I wasn’t planning to blog a death blog but now that we’re here, let’s see if there’s anything more to say on the matter.

Nope. Nothing more to say on the matter. Not right now.

Let’s change the channel to the New Moon in Cancer on July 9th and how I described this as a fairy dust new moon to my Patrons at the Coven tier because I felt something magical about it. Maybe it’s the trine to Neptune. Maybe it was my own chart I was tuning in to. Maybe we’re all sick of “setting intentions” and we rather poke our eyeballs out with a sharp stick than hear this phrase again and yet I found myself saying it to them:

If there’s ONE lunation all year long where you do SOMETHING then do SOMETHING for this one. Set your intentions, people. And this: do you know that feeling of hopeless intention setting? That you know you won’t get what you want but you wish on that big bright star anyway? It’s poignant. Like remembering the great kiss of the lover who left you and never looked back. This world is a tragic world despite the do-gooders, despite the kindness. Good people like Dianna, who had so much to teach and give, get timed out.

And yet. And yet this New Moon in Cancer is on the way and she’ll do what she always does (which is feed you) and isn’t that what we all need right now? Whether or not we win, we can still get fed. I mean, you can feed yourself, right? So do that. I had the best dinner, you guys. Brought it home after an appointment in the city and I was so hungry and it was amazing. And I’m gonna eat well again tomorrow. This is what Cancer Season is for and when the New Moon comes to you next week, you might find yourself thinking about all the ways you can feed yourself more and better and more and better and what that food is and the hunger.