Saturn Trine Uranus, North Node in Leo, and Flowers Growing Out of the Floorboards

"north node in leo"

I have this problem and I’ve probably had it my whole life:

I put purpose and meaning and freedom over “survival.”

My chakras are screwed up 😉

We’re “supposed” to be ROOT CHAKRA first and foremost and best so that we have food on the table, solid foundation, Saturn.

but some of us do Crown and Throat and Heart first or better.

See, for some of us, purpose and meaning and freedom IS survival. It’s the only reason we’re still alive. 

And this is okay.

We are artists. I was always a writer, always a deep helper. Pretty bad at understanding verbal instruction and unable to not daydream when people talk to me. However when I do focus I do so intensely.

And then the rent has to be paid. We continually have to master these earth school lessons. SOUTH NODE IN THE TWELFTH HOUSE HERE.

But this question of PURPOSE and MEANING and FREEDOM and WHO YOU ARE is Saturn trine Uranus to me which will be exact next week.

What is your purpose? What is your meaning? What is your freedom? Did you know the trine is flowing energy? I know many of you know this.

To quote Isabel Hickey: Saturn builds. Uranus breaks. This combination of planetary energy in a TRINE… the power cannot be underestimated for you PERSONALLY. It is PERSONAL TO YOU. Do you hear me? PERSONAL.

So what do you want? I asked this in the previous blog post WHAT DO YOU WANT? 

Uranus will break down everything that Saturn has built that is no longer useful or required. Uranus in Aries will burn it to the ground and up in its place Saturn will spring the NEW STRUCTURES OF YOUR LIFE. Just like that. Beautifully. It’s so beautiful how it will happen. Your new life. Reminds me of a game show when they announce the prizes: A NEW CAR!!! A NEWWWW LIFE!!!! But then again I few up in the 70s, the era of the television game show.

There is a scene from a Sarah Kane play god I wish I could remember which one. I haven’t seen it, only read it, but these tall flowers grow out of the floorboards, they thrust out of the floor. Just like that.

That’s the Saturn Uranus trine to me. Suddenly LIFE. Suddenly BLOOM. Suddenly you aren’t dead and you thought you were dead. I thought I was dead, or, at the very least, a ghost.

You, dear reader, have hope.

I know I know I was railing against hope two blog posts ago but hear me out, hear me out: 

we have to live with the times. Let the Saturn Uranus wave take you there. I know it’s fire and I know with Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Libra that it’s air, too, but it’s a wave of something so good and so… dare I say it… unrefined.

You want fireworks? Are fireworks refined? It’s Sagittarius and Aries for crap’s sake. THESE SIGNS ARE NOT REFINED. They are brutes. But they are brutes on your side!!!

Are fireworks dainty? Polite? NO. Fireworks are BIG and BOLD and so is the North Node (now) in Leo. 

This morning I was talking to Susanna from Dusie (an online poetry journal) because I am going to be curating an issue for them in the fall and that conversation gave me LIFE. Perhaps no surprise that she’s a heart centered Leo. The writing workshop that I’ve been trying to do for years will finally happen. 

If you are feeling dead, if you are feeling like a ghost, if you are feeling like your work or your very being can’t possibly matter then I want to tell you that you’re wrong.

And I tend to know things. You’ll just have to trust me.


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