North Node in Leo says NO

"north node in leo"
This is from my Facebook – part of a series of informal posts on the Nodes entering Leo/Aquarius:

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Saturn as the (traditional) ruler of Aquarius

and it’s been on my mind so much because the South Node leaves Pisces for Aquarius next week.

About how Saturn’s rules and Saturn’s autocratic nature is not so welcomed by LEO.

Leo requires your adoration and you’re gonna toss some RULES on her? Of how she should behave? Please.

And how Aquarius can be a downer to Leo’s natural effusive loving heart FUN. Saturn, always, wants to CORRECT. That is its nature. And we need Saturn too but hear me out…

I am not anti-Aquarius –

what I am doing is talking from within the polarity itself, the Leo/Aquarius polarity with Leo as the sign the North Node is heading into and the North Node being “where we make steady increments” as my teacher used to say.

Leo is the Sun individual ego essence identity and Aquarius is COLLECTIVE energy. Not individual, not feeling, not PERSONAL.

And how Aquarius (as South Node) won’t be so damn happy about Leo showing off his/her pride, creativity and courage, wanting Leo to TURN IT DOWN because we’re all in this together, right?

The masses or collective represented by Aquarius will symbolize a kind of resistance. Anti-Sun and anti-ego.

So we have our WORK (Saturn/Aquarius) cut out for us if we want to live LEO SUN when the North Node comes to Leo.

And honestly I’m not 100% convinced that we meet in the middle here – even though that is the party line about the opposition. I stress MORE North Node. Yes there is a mingling 🙂 of the two sides but DO NOT STAY in collective.

My perspective: do Aquarius right so that we can do Leo better.

It made me think about Virgo Pisces time:

how if you were not being Pisces martyr going with the flow, taking it on the chin turning the other cheek Christ like hoping until it hurt, you probably got burned at the stake. No one wanted you to set boundaries (Virgo, earth) and be critical of what they were asking of you.

The North Node makes people uncomfortable!

So here we are heading into Leo/Aquarius time with Leo as the NORTH and I want you to EXPRESS YOURSELF, unique personal creativity and self expression and shine yes yes yes


That there will be resistance, there will be push back

But know that the more you express yourself the more you will be on right track and to stand out boldly and proudly.

You don’t need to work the room (Aquarius energy) knowing everyone, friending everyone…

Instead, you radiate. THAT is Leo. You shine. You just do. No effort required. You have your crown. It sparkles! You walk in the room and BAM. You just sit there and BAM.

I remember years ago I got this astrology reading and this astrologer thought I was LEO Rising and not Virgo Rising because she said I had a kind of presence when I walked into the room and the hair…

Well, I don’t think I am Leo Rising but I got her point. She felt that BAM from me.

Just walk in the room. Let them come to you. Does a King beg? Does a Queen beg? Does a King or Queen WORK THE ROOM?