Redemption Comes + Next Week Squares Chiron

Redemption comes. I know this more than anymore. Or, I should say, as much as anyone who has survived hard transits to the Ascendent and/or Sun from all the outer planets at the same time. Major aspects. Squares and oppositions. Hard transits.

See, I know what it is to have lost everything or almost everything. More than once. And I know what it is to NOT believe that good feelings are possible or to feel anything but fear or horror or grief or obligation.

And I’m not talking about forever or happily ever after or expectations but about this redemption moment, the present moment. It’s here and then it’s gone. Because another moment comes but that another moment can be ripe and juicy and pickable.

Let me make myself perfectly clear: this post is not about “look at how awesome I am!”

This post is about YOU TOO can come back from the dead, which is a theme I’ve been blogging about for years, if you’ve been with me that long.

Every client I talked to today is going through it. Seemingly intractable situations and in every situation we try to find a little light.

Hours ago I wrote about Saturn square Neptune and Venus square Pluto (that link is here) so let’s look ahead to next week already. Why not!

OH. One more thing. Show me. Teach me. Show me. Teach me. Show me. That’s what you say. That’s what you can say. A mantra of sorts. That’s what you can say to your God, your Goddess, your Higher Power, your Higher Self, when you feel lost, confused, beaten down, hopeless, sick, afraid.

Show me.

And then wait. It’ll come. Word will come. The way will come. This is the way the universe works.

A little about next week: 

Early in the week:
Sun conjoins Mercury (who is retrograde) and squares Mars in Sagittarius. Fine with me. Bring it. So what if we are torn between the job and the road trip. Do half the job and drive half as far. That’s one solution.

Later in the week we get hard aspects to Chiron. This is more difficult because Chiron tends to make us feel exposed and both Sun and Mars bully this painful point AND the Moon is in Pisces leading up to…

Friday’s Full Moon ECLIPSE at 24 Pisces but then the weekend brings us a Mars Uranus trine AND a Venus Uranus opposition. Whatever happens happens so damn fast.

How you fare this week, I think, depends upon what’s already going on in your chart. If you feel you’re on the upswing? I think the bulk of that stays. If you already feel down and out, it could be good to lay low.


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