Saturn Square Neptune BYE + Why The Venus Pluto Square Is Awesome

"venus square pluto" There is this fear that some of us have, that as soon as something good happens, that we’ll lose it, that it will be taken away.

This feeling will dominate our lives LESS now that the Saturn Neptune square is DONE.

That’s the first good news. 

The second good news is Venus square Pluto – in orb now and exact tomorrow (in the wee hours so stay up if you dare!).

But MoonPluto (you may say): it’s a SQUVARE! And a PLUTO square! How can that be good? Aren’t squares frustrating? And from Pluto? Someone gonna betray me? WHAT????

Yes, my dear. Squares ARE frustrating.

AND YET this one is pretty interesting to me. Why? Because not only do we have this Venus Pluto square but we also have an EMOTIONAL Moon Pluto conjunction as well tomorrow!

And Jupiter is now in Libra and Venus is in Libra and I DO BELIEVE IT IS TIME for your values (Libra) and your personal aesthetic (Libra) to get shaken up by Pluto paint.

It’s time. Pluto rules elimination. Pluto is ruthless in her determination to level you up. It’s time. AND this is a preview of the coming Jupiter Pluto square!

My advice:

your feelings are your compass. The way you dress. Does it feel good? What you look for in a partner: does it need a makeover? Just two examples and they concern the surface but they are not surface at all? DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF? Just curious…

Mercury is retrograde in Virgo so editing and mental makeovers are appropriate now.

Squares don’t feel warm and fuzzy, no. They challenge us. Make us feel stuck. PUSH US TO ACHIEVE. Squares push us to go beyond our trines and sextiles to really LIVE. To go past legacy and luck and LIVE. To do MORE than coast on the gift you were born with. Big fucking deal you were born with hazel eyes. I was born with hazel eyes. Big deal.

Whatever you were born with is NOT the point of this lifetime.

Understand? You have to DEVELOP. 

And that’s where the square comes in. Squares point out to you painfully clearly what you DO NOT POSSESS.

The next step, of course, is to transform that lack into….