Predicting Love: Can It Be Done?

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So I’m fond of saying that rarely do readers (of various kinds, over the years) predict love accurately for ME and yet I’ve often said that love, or the lack of it, is one of the easiest things to SEE in the cards.

And when using Astrology to see, it’s more than 5th House transits or 7th House transits or transits to their rulers although I will look there first! I have seen charts perfectly poised for love and NOTHING, my chart included! And then I remember a client for whom I felt a FAR AWAY INKLING (like within two years time) and instead she met someone two weeks later. 

Recently a good friend (who is also a good psychic) made a prediction for me (about someone in particular) that was so lovely (although with caveats) that I felt so damn confused when it didn’t play out right away (i.e. last week) how she said it would. She’s been totally ON when it came to BAD LOVE and BAD relationships. And I know I’ve been often right and sometimes wrong for folks as well.

I remember someone seeing my cards, seeing a man in my cards and hell yes a man showed up. Not a keeper but a MAN yes. And I have another friend who can always tell when someone is “around me” to the point of there will be a date or a meeting soon soon soon.

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Psychics exist. Damn good psychics exist, no matter the tools they use. So why is love so elusive to nail? I know I know we are not God but I do believe accurate prediction exists. I have done it and I have seen it done.

So what about love? WHAT ABOUT LOVE? Why is it sometimes so wobbly and sometimes so clear even for the best psychics and readers among us?

One thing to keep in mind is our “Free Will” (if it even exists but we like to pretend it does). It’s like a tennis match. You don’t play against yourself. There’s another person there and their neurosis and your neurosis and really it’s neurosis against neurosis much of the time. Fantasy against fantasy.

And my situation may turn out just as my friend predicted just not on the timeline I would prefer and truth is this would match the original cards I originally drew for the situation. No one is wrong yet. Am I impatient? A bit 🙂

I don’t have a perfect answer to my question. It’s not enough for me to say: things change and thus the cards change. It’s not enough for me to say: no psychic is 100%. Why is love particularly hard for others to see in my energy. I have had the best I’ve ever worked with be dead-one with various other topics but THIS?

Maybe because they want me to be happy and they feel my hope but truth is if the vibes were bad, my peeps would absolutely say so.

The real answer may be more esoteric than we realize and/or the real answer may be that some people will NOT have a committed love relationship in this lifetime (for whatever reason) and who wants to deliver THAT news?

Challenges are SO easy to see in the chart, as are talents. To me they are bright as the sun. And sometimes the future too is impossible NOT to see. And yet.

Some souls may be renewing or rewriting contracts. That they were slated NOT to have love but made an amendment to their contract so the cards reflect the old contract and the new one simultaneously. That’s one option. 

One thing is for certain though: your clarity around these matters matters. The fewer mixed signals you give the universe the better, no matter your chart.

My thoughts here are based on years of EXPERIENCE, reading for people and getting readings too! I really should start keeping track. Love prediction + accuracy versus delay or full-on wrong. One other thing is for certain: it’s easy or easier to see a NO and harder to see a YES or which way precisely that YES will go. That’s when things get slippery and that “free will” comes in.

Wishing you good cards xo

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I am planning my radio show/podcast to be LOVE themed. Stay tuned for details, my friends! I want it to be a call-in show and currently looking for the best host/platform for me.