My Sister And Her Frankincense (Two Witches)

"venus trine pluto"How my sister’s energy healer used Frankincense on her and my sister doesn’t know much about oils (although she knows a lot about a lot, spiritual and otherwise) and she was asking my advice.

“Do you think it worked? Was it calming? It really is individual like homeopathy. My perspective is less from energy healing, more as a witch. Frankincense can be used for exorcism. Drive those demons out. The demons of self doubt and fear.”

I sent her this, from an old blog post:

That I am now craving the aroma of frankincense the way one craves food.
And this was a sign to me – to work deeply with him. This craving.

Frankincense will turn up the volume on whatever magick you are working, increase the majesty of it. Frankincense is REGAL. Masculine, associated with Jupiter.

Frankincense for anxiety, addiction, doubt.

As so often happens, frankincense “happened” to me — of course I knew of its power, had read of its power, know it is legendary and ancient, but it wasn’t until FUMIGATION – until I bought an incense (and from Whole Foods, not some “special” store) that I fell in love – as I fell in love with La Santisima Muerte when Jupiter was in my 12th House —

When you decide to work with frankincense, well, he can be very demanding, in my experience, wanting full attention but the rewards are great. Also, less is more! Also in my experience, burn on a full stomach. So powerful you could become weak or tired or dizzy from his presence. As always with incense or oils etc etc you need to experiment and get to know them.