On Returning To Spiritual Practice & Jupiter Through My 12th House (Part 2)

"mercury square uranus"Catch up with Part One here: 

So I was writing in my journal just now and I figured it out.
Of course.
That’s why I don’t want to go anywhere near my beloved Palo Santo (given to me by a dear man, Reiki Master and Healer who cleared my NYC apartment, August 2014, despite a sore knee, walking up all those steps) which I burned religiously during my Jupiter 12 transit. Most of my magick that year was self-defense magick. Protection. Clearing and cleansing.


That stuff? From before?  It’s not what I need now. And realizing this is HUGE.

I may be in transit. I may be under a Saturn 4th House homeless transit, but I am safe.

Dare I write that? I’m not entirely convinced. But I’ll say this. I am MORE safe now than I was during Jupiter 12 or the first part of Jupiter 1st, before I left NYC.

To be continued…