Death & Tower Reasons: Full Moon In Virgo On The Way

You learn so much about yourself when you move to the Middle of Nowhere. You learn so much about yourself because it is so quiet. You do not have the rush of the city blinding your ears and pulverizing your eyes, as happens with city life, which I love some of. I love how New York City feels and I miss it terribly these days with an aching full heart for it, including Penn Station. I always loved Penn Station. And I think to myself: until I visit, I will see you in my dreams.

I don’t think I ever loved a place until I knew that place. But then the Death card came for me and the Tower card came for me and I had to leave due to a number of Death and Tower Reasons.

It doesn’t help that today we have sensitive Moon in Cancer, no doubt right now conjunct my Sun and then shortly my Mercury and Mars. Homesick. Homeless. But safe. Safe enough to feel and that= VERY safe. That’s how you know you are safe. When you can slow down and feel. Safety is not survival mode.

And since we’re on the topic of feelings, let’s talk a little about this upcoming Full Moon in Virgo. 

Are there routines you need to release? Routines you need to create? Both fall under Virgo’s domain. Stop the blah blah blah and increase the blah blah blah. Virgo loves to set a short term goal.

Full Moon in Virgo: Monday February 22nd: 
3 degrees and where I live it’s at 1:20 pm (EST).

Notable aspects: the Moon will inconjunct Venus in Aquarius and oppose Neptune. Full Moons tend to make things painfully clear and this one, well, I think it’s a mixed bag. For sure Virgo will make you fully aware of WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU (and them) as Virgo tends to do but there’s more…

This Moon Venus inconjunct has an edge. It’s like… nothing satisfies. It’s not filling. Nothing feels quite right. Just this longing for flawless exposure, raw and precise. Ripping off your various Neptunian veils.

I don’t mean to scare you. This really isn’t some horrifying Full Moon and of course how it aspects your chart is what matters the most but prepare yourself for some truth, either self-discovered or delivered.