Embrace the Dirt: Another One For The Full Moon in Virgo

Embrace the dirt; do not shun the dirt. We are the dirt, we are the Full Moon in Virgo coming to a sky near you.

The Full Moon isn’t something that happens outside you. It happens inside you. It IS you, like all the other lunations, like all the other transits. We are one.

So when the Moon grows fat and you look in the mirror and you feel stupid or lost or hungry, dissatisfied under the Pisces Sun, remember this: you are the Moon and it will swell you, puff you, immerse you, lay on you like the goddess.

There are no missed chances, missed opportunities. I don’t know why that thing didn’t stick, didn’t stay, but the full moon comes, at least once a month, and it is your chance to let it go.

Now, I’m not about to address the question of “why bad things happen to good people” but I do want to say that, with patience, and time, the reasons can be found. Why such and such happened. But even if you cannot find it and you search and search and search and you cannot find it, on a full moon you can say goodbye, which can be much harder than holding on. Let there be light. Juicy light, milky light, filling up the backyard light.

My advice: practice.

Virgo Full Moon highest vibration: practice, not perfection. Practice death. Practice saying goodbye. Practice letting him, or her, go. Once you do? You’re free. Does it scare you? To think about it? Every full moon is a little death and we can let go a little more and a little more and a little more. Try it. What happens when you let go?


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