The Crossroads & Not the Full Moon in Gemini (Yet)

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I wasn’t going to type tonight. I wasn’t going to write tonight.

I’m becoming more… Jewishly observant (again). I can feel it.

For over a week I’ve been covid-sick and an old friend dropped off a few Shabbos candles (which I have but hey can always use more tea lights) and wine and food, a lot of food, tons of food, including homemade challah. And I had a completely peaceful meal. I lit candles, made kiddush, ate, and then… went on Twitter.

All I want is to feel better. All I want is to feel like myself again. Shabbos heals, she said. Rome wasn’t built in a day though. Not that she was pressuring me. She knows better than that. But this was the most Shabbos Shabbos I’ve had in a very long time. I left my phone in the other room even. I just ate, silently, peacefully. I didn’t read. I was present. I was thinking though. So many thoughts.

And I was going to write about the upcoming Full Moon in Gemini but the upcoming Full Moon in Gemini can wait. Instead, what’s on my mind is ┬áthe miracle cure. I don’t believe in miracle cures, for emotions that is. I’m not talking about physical healing here.

What do I believe in? Process. Here’s an example: for one of my classes we had to watch this film which was, in a way, touting psychedelics as miracle cures and in my homework I said just that: I don’t believe in miracle cures. And even in the film itself one of the subjects admitted that some of her sadness had returned. I also have examples from my own life, friends, acquaintances. There may have been medications or drugs involved but also time and growth and life and hormonal shifts. Process and various factors can bring about a change. My teacher though took me to task, educating me, as if I didn’t know that psychedelics were all the rage and how I better make sure to be up on the latest. I thought to myself: the latest what? Trend? Fad? Once upon a time SSRIs were all the rage too.

Process. The crossroads are a process. Initiation is a process. I’m becoming a crone. An old witch crone. I’m not ready, not in the slightest. Some of my clients and readers have been with me since 2011! We’ve seen each there through SO much. Time happens. Aging happens. Here we are. I’m a lot older than I once was. I’m at the crossroads. And the other day I was thinking about how initiation is a beginning not an ending. It’s an open door. So that’s what’s on my mind.

Astrologically? Of course I’m under a Saturn transit! Saturn rules time and aging and and reality. Saturn is not Jupiter. Saturn is not Neptune. Saturn is… you’re gonna see the thing you don’t wanna see. Saturn transits are excruciatingly eye opening but some things are better with the lights on, LIKE YOUR LIFE!

Are you under a Saturn transit?

To be continue…

"Jupiter retrograde"