Full Moon Eclipse In Pisces: Holy Heart


Been blogging nearly every day lately but I think I missed a day yesterday.
And I keep seeing the same butterfly. Unless it’s various versions of the same.

What are you feeling today?
Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces.
Are you various versions of the same? Or are you changed?
What’s happening in your world?

I was just writing on Facebook that I thought okay my 7th House.
Full Moon Eclipse in my 7th making a lucky Grand Trine with my Mars and Neptune in water signs.

All the old old patterns of self sabotage can go now. Goodbye.
Cycle ending. Cycle beginning. A Tarot Ace.

And how every Full Moon in Pisces, Eclipse or not, is direct communication with the Divine and with your spiritual life, spiritual practice, and your holy sweet mystical heart. To whom do you speak your still small voice?

Pisces, Neptune, and the 12th House rule the poet and the mystic.

And you? What are you thinking about today? 


Please message me if you want to know about the new secret group I am starting.

Yes, it is on Facebook and it is for a very specific purpose. Message me for details. I am being secretive yes 🙂

Monthly fee yes (these groups help me stay afloat doing what I do) and I am asking for three months up front so we have a three month commitment up front.

You will love it. If the subject matter interests you, you will love it.

My goal is that a strong devoted core will develop. I have two chat rooms currently at this time which are a combination of the metaphysical and the personal – but this one will be more “strict” so to speak. Not personal and more about learning (although I do hesitate to call it a class – it is not a class. It is less formal.)

Just message me – moonpluto@gmail.com

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