My Repeater: On Seeing The Same Tarot Card Over And Over And Over

"new moon eclipse in pisces" And you aren’t sure what it means – and it’s a good card but you fear you are over thinking it – and it’s a reading for yourself. It is a message to hear and understand but maybe you’ve hit a Tarot wall. When that happens what to do?

Meditation. And trust the answer will be given. Right timing.

Do not ignore the repeaters. In my experience, the repeaters have double triple infinity meaning. It’s not your imagination. And this goes for good, bad, or confusing cards.

I am thinking that my repeater is related to the first eclipse this March 8th:


18 (almost 19) degrees
New Moon Solar Eclipse

It’s right around the corner, people! (And yes I am already doing Eclipse Consultations.)

It’s gonna be big. It’s gonna be interesting.

Jupiter North Node opposing New Moon and Sun and South Node. And we talk about Eclipses setting up an energy pattern for three months, six months, a year. I have a feeling though… some of you have already gotten your Eclipse. And some will get on the day of. It’s that potent. Right timing but no waiting.

So what is going to start for you (and actually I think it’s a continuation of last year’s Solar Eclipse in Pisces) has to happen. It’s as fated as fate can be. South Node time.

How will you make this New Moon South Node story fit into your already existing life? Truth is, this story IS your life.