The Astrology of Summer! (June Group Forming Now!)

"saturn goes direct" The first MoonPlutoLand offering from the Swamp Palace 🙂
coming to you from the heat of the day here in Sunny Florida. 

If you are interested in taking a class with me and have never taken a class with me,
DO message me.
MOONPLUTO@GMAIL.COM and we’ll talk.
I’ll explain to you how things work in more detail if you need.


We will be talking July and August TRANSITS
and how they will affect YOUR chart.

Tarot for all, as usual 🙂

Learn at your own pace.
Hang out with wise smart sensitive people (that’s what I tend to attract)
Get support for your transits!
Gain a deeper understanding of astrology, tarot, and YOUR LIFE.

No Astrology or Tarot expertise necessary! We’ll help you!


"venus trine jupiter"Location: Facebook SECRET Group (as usual). Only you see what is posted.

Investment is a sliding scale: between $99 and $150

Start Date: I’d love to get started next week! Friday! June 10th. 

Length of Class: 4 Weeks and I add on days if we need

How often am I there, how often will there be something new to read:
I endeavor to post new material for discussion (including individual charts discussion or Tarot draws for participants) three to four days a week. Often more. I create each class from scratch! Sometimes people are chatty. Sometimes people are more quiet. And sometimes a group can start off fiery and chatty and then get more quiet as the weeks pass. Or vice versa. It’s always different. THE BEST FOR ME is when people TALK. We inspire each other.

Learn as you go. Participate as much or as little as you want. Lurkers OKAY. There are no webinars or times that you need to be there. No live sessions. Perhaps in the future! 


We will be discussing the Astrology of July & August
including New and Full Moons.

We will be discussing the meaning of the upcoming transits in general and in your chart.
I will be posting your natal charts, yes. 

I will also draw Tarot for each participant – a start card, an end card, and cards for the lunations. 

There will be homework (often Tarot homework) for those who want an A+ 

If you want to know more about: 
MERCURY RETROGRADE !!!!!! Again!!!! 
If you want to know more about these transits AND MORE (yes there are more) and how they will affect YOU, then do take my June Group 

**There are some significant June transits as well.
Will talk about those although perhaps not as in depth since they are happening NOW! Or shortly 🙂

If you have questions, you know where to find me 🙂

Other business: I am accepting new Tarot and Astrology Weekly Subscribers and new ladies for the chat room.

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