Mars Square Chiron: Unfolding Like A Painful Poison Flower

"mars square chiron"
FUCK. I have to continue with the blog. 

I’m on Patheos Pagan once a week.
I’m always on Facebook and also on Instagram
and I do a lot of my astrology updating on FB these days BUT

People keep finding me from my blog.
In fact my favorite clients of 2017 have found me from the blog. It’s a sign!

So here I am and it really isn’t a bad sky this week 

BUT in the midst of these beautiful flowing aspects of ease, we have this Mars Chiron square that is unfolding like a painful poison flower. Like we really need Chiron pain sped up?? Faster Chiron Kill Kill? DO NOT POKE THE BEAR. The Chiron Bear. No.

Honestly I don’t anyone who doesn’t hate Chiron these days. Seriously. But listen.

Mars is gonna enter Mama Bear Cancer (whether or not that pleases you is another story) and will TRINE Wounded Healer Centaur Chiron. She will calm his shit DOWN. Way down. Down down. SHE WILL TAME HIM. She will nurse him. She. She and no other. SHE!

AND this weekend we have:

A Venus Uranus conjunction and Sun trine Jupiter. It’s dazzling!

Venus and Uranus are trine Saturn and the North Node! And I know the Gemini Sun will square Neptune but hey wouldn’t you like a little vacation? Is that not Sun Neptune? Fuzzy. Haze. Tequila. Repeat. Remember: the trine aspect flows to you. It’s like a spell of protection.  And this weekend it’s a trine in FIRE. What is fire? Well, fire is a little crazy and a lot hot and if you play with it you get burned BUT fire is the Knight of Wands on a MISSION. She is ALIVE.

But about that Mars Chiron.

You wish the planets would just STOP but of course something will ALWAYS aspect Chiron because Chiron exists and the planets move! So Mars in Cancer is better and Mars in Leo will inconjunct and Mars in Virgo will oppose and so on and so on and it’s a different story each time. Your wound either hurts and hurts or you get to forget about it for a bit. OR MAYBE IT GETS BETTER. Just maybe. In the sense that you learn how to ACCEPT it. Accept who you are. Hear me out:

Venus conjoins Uranus this week. This is radical self-love. Radical self acceptance. Venus is LOVE and Uranus is so so so so so radical. Painfully so. How many times did Uranus show up in my chart and BAM life changed in an instant.  A few.

Love without wisdom. That’s what Venus Uranus feels like to me.
Be careful out there.



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