After The Eclipses

You know, it’s been years since I’ve blogged consistently. If you’ve been reading here, if you know my work, you know it’s been years and that this blog is, well, old now — born in 2011. I was thinking last night: I was so young then. So young. It’s embarrassing really but I won’t take the blog down (I say that now, but who knows) until I’m dead and no one (i.e. me) is around to pay my WordPress bill.

Let’s talk some astrology though, shall we?

We had the last eclipse of 2021 this weekend. The last of the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses and I am thrilled about this because they were fucking with my chart (i.e. my life) in an unpleasant way, various crisis and angst and tears and frustration and so what else is new. That’s life, right? Yeah. That’s life. But it would be nice to balance it out with the good transits, the good stars, and a good knish. Which reminds me, my niece had her first knish over Thanksgiving. God exists. But seriously. Seriously. There usually is a mix of transits, of stars, we just have to see it. Open our eyes. How hard that is. Were there good transits too? Yes. Gimme a minute and I’ll think of one đŸ™‚

So we are not BETWEEN the eclipses anymore but AFTER the eclipses and it’s time to breathe easy and re/assess. The tornado has passed over. The angel of death has passed over and I’m working on writing this morning but stopping to take a break to write to you which is foolish (to interrupt the flow) and yet also necessary. So that you know. So that you know we are AFTER the eclipses and maybe tonight I’ll do a LIVE on Instagram and maybe not. We’ll see. The point is that we can survey now. We can survey the damage and we can survey the gold. Could be a good moment to do some cards. I think so.

All this talk of “new cycles.” I use that phrase too. I can’t always choose the best word, the best phrase, because I want to get the message across. New cycle. Like a Tarot Ace. That’s where we’re at now. You feeling this? Or are you reeling from the weekend, the week, the year, 2020, the last year and a half. Maybe you’re *still* recovering from Jupiter in Capricorn blowing up your life. Well, Jupiter is heading to Pisces and next year we have a Jupiter Neptune conjunction and if you thought you weren’t on a spiritual road, you’re about to get a big big big big big surprise.

Okay, back to work.
Much love,

"saturn return"