More Thoughts From My Saturn (Because If I’m Not Teaching Then There’s No Point)

Yesterday an old friend said to me that I “dodged a bullet” and I thought to myself: are you kidding?? I got shot! Didn’t dodge no bullet. I’m riddled with them. Swiss cheese! But there is such a thing as surgery and wounds heal. I know THE BEST surgeons in town. In whatever town I find myself.

Last night at the Shabbat table: it was amazing. the Rabbi and Rebbetzin were in great moods. I was too. Lots of laughter and food and wisdom and then we started talking Big Foot and Vampires and eventually the conversation came back around to Torah and Kabbalah and it was a damn near perfect evening of friendship and love and food. Did I mention food? And knowledge and holiness. And food. And cake. Before dinner my Rebbetzin was thinking out loud about whether to put both cakes on the table for dessert. Is that a question? I asked.

But about those bullets: see, life goes on. And you are bulletproof. You can save them as souvenirs. You can dump them in the river. One thing is for sure: if truth is on your side, then karma is too. Those who shoot you shall do no lasting harm and you know what? There are two kinds of transits in this world: there are the transits of Fate and the transits of Fate 😉 Listen to your transits. They will tell you where you’re at and how you’re doing. I mean YOUR transits. Not the transits that happen to your loved ones or your hated ones but the ones happening to YOUR body and soul. See the difference? Because there is one.

I was writing about Saturn last night and Saturn is still on my mind this morning. The idea that we reap what we sow is very Saturn because Saturn rules Fate and Karma. Saturn in Sagittarius will not be happy with your exaggerations and empty promises. That’s the low side of Sag (exaggeration and empty promises). And the square to Neptune in Pisces is not helping. Neptune in Pisces makes you think you can get away with it.

Wake up.

And this: no matter where Saturn is transiting your chart, it is high time you not only take responsibility and do your duty (especially in regards to Sagittarius matters i.e. some travel may be required of you to complete this holy mission) but ALSO break free of unjust limitation. Know what I mean? Giving away YOUR authority and your strength and your INTEGRITY is limiting you. Break free of that. Break free of *not* acting in integrity.