CAPRICORN IS LIFE: Thoughts On The End Of The Year And The New Moon Eclipse January 5th

"new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn"
So I have it in my head to start blogging again
. I’m not sure if this is an end of the year thing or a new start 2019. We’ll see. To get the business out of the way, here are the links:
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What should we talk about, my friends? Of course the new year is on my mind. I was making a video last night and talking about this awareness that I’m feeling – not really getting visions or words. Just an awareness of the year ending and the year beginning and not really sure what’s in store AND YET 

thinking about the New Moon Solar Eclipse on January 5th which includes not only the Sun and Moon in Capricorn (that IS the New Moon i.e. Sun and Moon in the same sign, basically) but also: Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node. All in Capricorn that day. 

THAT’S A LOT OF CAPRICORN. That’s a lot of Saturn. And for some of you it’s in ONE PLACE in your chart. And I know for others it’s spread out across a couple of houses in your chart but one thing is for sure:

that part of your chart, your life, your SOUL, is lit up like, yes, a Christmas tree 🙂 and those themes will be there all 2019. ALL YEAR. 

So the question is: what are the themes? For YOU. You got to think about it!!! Meditate on it! Spend TIME with it! With yourself and your chart. Just the two of you. Date night! Date night with the map of your soul. I can’t think of anything better (but I’m weird like that).

Do YOU HAVE A CLUE YET about what your Capricorn House will require of you? 

Think about it, my friends, my star lovers. And you probably already are. You probably already are.

Saturn is the “ruler” of Capricorn and Saturn is all about effort. Patience. Structure. RULES. Doing things the right way. Duty. No rushing. And a whole lot more but think of it this way: that part of your life is going to require your time, attention, effort, patience AND IT WILL PAY OFF.  Saturn is ambition + Saturn is long term. Commitment. It will pay off.

What do you want to grow there? In that Capricorn (earth sign!) House of yours? Yesterday also in a video talking about the Druid Craft Tarot’s Three of Wands and the guy has planted what he’s planted and the stalks are strong, the roots are strong but it’s not flowering yet, not quite. So he’s waiting, he’s patient. HE’S DONE THE WORK (he/she/they).

Have you?
I know you have.