The Security Of Insecurity Of Cancer Season

It’s still Cancer Season.

This week Venus and Mercury both enter Leo but this feeling of INSECURITY… I don’t think we shake it.

Now if I told you that this week will be easier than last week, you’d probably believe me and I believe me too — despite this weird Mars Uranus inconjunct that folks are talking about and despite Venus and Sun (this week) square Uranus.

What I think matters most (as usual) is how your own personal chart is affected. When planets change signs it matters and this week we’ve got two, so something’s opening or something’s closing and it will play out as it must and honestly I don’t believe this week will seal the deal for anyone. For me? I’m going 12th House.

There will some irritation for sure this week. But beyond that? The Full Moon isn’t until next week. Maybe you can take a breath.

Cancers, do watch my video for the week of July 11th. More videos to come today. Wish me luck I get them done!

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