There Will Be Love Lessons For All: Mars and Venus In Leo This Summer

I’ve got all these decisions to make. Or maybe it’s just one decision, and I’m more open on my Patreon than I used to be. My boundaries are less rigid. Used to be a time I wouldn’t accept a gift from a client. For most of my career I was like that. Now I don’t mind. Now I might find it sweet. And I remember the first time I said yes. Told her I was trying. Trying to be open. Trying to receive. Something like that. Funny how some of the biggest flight risks have the most rigid, shut tight boundaries. Makes sense though. Someone or something gets through and… it’s time to go? Feel something and it’s time to go? I also find these types are drawn to similar. Both want love. Both haven’t the slightest clue how to love.

What does this have to do with the sky? Mars. It has Mars to do with the sky. Mars is in Leo. And the fact that Venus will enter Leo and go retrograde this summer and we will have times this summer when Mars and Venus are both in Leo and… there will be love lessons for all and if you’re a flight risk (if you tend to leave or help orchestrate things so that you’ll have to leave) this summer is YOUR CHANCE to understand why you leave and how you leave and what you leave and who you leave and when you leave, and this bright Leo fire will cast a big big light on your heart and your courage. It takes courage to stay. I don’t mean to stay in harmful situations but if you’re always leaving, you never learn. Planets in Leo will make a good aspect to Chiron in Aries. It’s a healing light.

Someone wise said to me not long ago: give yourself a chance when I talked about quitting school. I forget what I was ornery about at the time but some people are just born irritable and I’ve got three Cancer planets so what can you expect and my chart is low in fixed signs and we cardinal/mutable people keep passing the open windows because we keep walking out the door. The fixed planet people are the ones who stay until they break. But give a Cancer her comfort and a bottle and and and and and. It can be done but it’s tricky to know when it’s time to go and time to stay. The retrograde will help.

I’m speaking in broad terms here. I know there are exceptions to everything I say. But Venus retrograde is a heart on fire and there’s something this summer that you will need to see.

To be continued… 

*Venus enters Leo June 5th
*Mars leaves Leo July 10th
*Mercury enters Leo July 10th
*Planets in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus and Uranus in Taurus
*Planets in Leo oppose Pluto in Aquarius

*Venus goes retrograde at 28 Leo, July 22nd
*Venus goes direct at 12 Leo, September 3rd

I think I got my dates right 🙂