Fear Of Breakthrough: New Moon Eclipse In Aries

This eclipse is a hot one. A Pluto in Aquarius eclipse. And it could be more breakthrough than breakdown for you. It could be. And it could be exhausting. Get your eclipse prep ready. Maybe you need a bottle of red wine. Maybe you need two. Maybe you need a plate of sushi. Maybe you need two. I’ve got three planets in Cancer and a Virgo Moon (conjunct Pluto). I like restaurants and coffee and I can’t really advise you on any other drugs but you might need ’em. This eclipse is a hot one. Pluto is involved. Take care of yourself. Prepare yourself.

What You Might Need:

that red wine
that plate of sushi
that shamanic journey
a good friend (you really only need one)
more chocolate

Did I forget anything? Probably.

The New Moon eclipse is Wednesday (or Thursday, depending) in Aries. 29 degrees.

Today in class somehow we started talking about happiness and then we started talking about meaning and I said that for me meaning is like blood. I have to have it. I can get through a day without happiness but without meaning? Then there is no life. I need meaning for my soul to run. It’s not privilege. Not a luxury. My entire “career” has been about making meaning – for myself and for other people. This is the truth. I do my best. And I am being challenged now, to stretch waaaaaaay past where I should probably go and yet I am going. But about meaning: I talked about breakfast. And I didn’t mention astrology but astrology would likely show it all. That for some people, there is so much pleasure in routine, in a cheese sandwich (I’ve been obsessed with cheese sandwiches lately). It’s probably the Virgo in me that takes so much pleasure in small, simple things. I write about this in my book…

The terror of being alive. You feel it, right? Is it horror or is it terror? A little bit of both? It’s weird to be on the edge, isn’t it? That’s what Eclipse Season is, or feels like. Or maybe for you it’s not intense at all. Maybe it’s a delight. Ice cream. That’s what it is. Ice cream.

To be continued..