Gemini Keeps Flying, Like The Birds Do

"saturn conjunct pluto"
Okay so I’ve been astrology blogging a long time and I was chatting with an acquaintance at the cafe this morning (one of many named Josh) about reinventing the wheel and how it’s hard to get excited about every New Moon and every Full Moon these days and astrology blogging in general.

When you’ve done something a long time you have to… what? What DO you have to do? It’s like a marriage, a long marriage, and even though I haven’t had a long marriage I understand the principle. We have to freshen things up, liven them up, bring them BACK TO LIFE FROM THE DEAD.

This fits into a current sky-theme, star lovers. The fact that Saturn and Pluto are hanging out together in the sky and have been hanging out together in the sky, in Capricorn, the conjunction not exact yet but it will be in January next year.

Control freak.

That’s what I think of when I think of Saturn and Pluto intertwined. Both planets demand SO MUCH from us. How will we ever get it right? If only we could get it right! And yet if we knew what to do, we would do it. By transit, Saturn and Pluto crush us under their weight, make us feel hopeless.

So this New Moon in Gemini is a call to lightness. Fun. Do you feel that? At all?  I don’t, but I’m saying it anyway. Breathe new life into your stuck places, your despair places, your want-to-die spaces. Let distraction and lack of focus HELP you. This New Moon can provide a counterpoint to the heavy Capricorn control freak sky which can feel like being punished for a crime you didn’t commit.

Now Saturn and Pluto are not “all bad.” We need them both. Life can’t be all Venus and  Neptune angels. We need Saturn (structure) and we need Pluto (regeneration). We need to come back from the dead.

The New Moon in Gemini can help. Really. What is Gemini at heart? What is its essence? 

Gemini doesn’t get stuck. It keeps going. If you see Gemini get stuck it’s not the Gem part of the chart causing it. Gemini keeps flying, like the birds do. Don’t let Saturn Pluto depression keep you too grounded, okay? Look up. There’s an entire sky inside you.