Good At Sex: Chiron In The Eighth House (+ Chiron Lessons For All Signs)

"chiron in the eighth house"
I have a new secret chat room on Facebook 
and we’ve just started talking about Chiron in there (if you want to join us, send me an email. There’s a small monthly fee. If I don’t already know you, I will use the cards to figure out if you’d be a good fit).

It’s a small group so far and we already have two Scorpios and one of our Scorpios was talking about my groups being perfect for EPIPHANIES and I agree with that. Writing about your experiences, sharing your experiences, reflecting on your experiences with astrology or tarot or any manner of magic LEADS YOU. It’s like sex. Revelations come.

And I was in there talking about how CHIRON IN THE EIGHTH HOUSE is a sex therapist, an obvious point I know, and our Aries said she is sick of it (I also have this placement) and I don’t blame her, always healing others instead of self, but that’s Chiron.

Chiron in the Eighth, you’re GOOD AT SEX.

And you may say, but Aliza isn’t Chiron a painful point?  YES. You’re good at sex, but it hurts, maybe physically, maybe emotionally, maybe spiritually You may pursue sex, pursue intimacy, pursue a body that is NOT YOURS, and it feels however it feels at the time, cathartic or desperate and everything in between, but remember: you are healing the other person. SEX IS NOT FOR YOU. I repeat: SEX IS NOT FOR YOU. Sorry. It’s not. Where you have your Chiron is not for you. You have to give it away, you beautiful slut you, give it away.

Am I suggesting you have no boundaries or choices? NO. but I am suggesting you come to realize that if you have an Eighth House Chiron, stop thinking you are going to have some great satisfying sex life for YOU. Because you won’t. Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry. It’s deeper than that. Yes, there are waters deeper than your own personal needs when Chiron is there.

You have to put your precious ocean of sexual energy elsewhere, invest it elsewhere, NOT in the sex itself.


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