VESTA in Gemini: Lips Like Fire :)

Vesta is FIRE. Yes many astrologers associate her with Virgo or Scorpio (she is a dedicated focused passionate worker) but to me, Vesta is fire and can represent the “hidden fire” in your chart. Meaning, you may be low in fire, planet wise (my chart sure is!) but Vesta shows where you have more of this element. Do a quick google search of Goddess Vesta and you’ll see. You’ll read things like (and I am quoting Wikipedia here):

-the sacred fire of Vesta was a sacred eternal flame in ancient Rome
-Vestal Virgins tended the holy fire, and performed other rituals connected to domestic life, including the ritual sweeping of the temple (I LOVE TO SWEEP and have Vesta on my Asc, EXACT).
-by analogy they also tended the LIFE AND SOUL OF THE CITY through the sacred fire of Vesta

FIND VESTA IN YOUR CHART AND YOU FIND YOUR SACRED FIRE (and yes this is something we can look at together).

The Vestal Virgins were not allowed to let the fire go out. Keywords: FOCUS. Commitment! Can you imagine? That job? That LIFE?

Vesta is in the sign of Gemini now. This area of your life, this HOUSE of your chart is where you are BURNING, on fire, where you are tending your sacred fire.

What does Gemini rule? So much! But here’s a wee list of some Gemini keywords, chosen at random from Rex Bills’ Rulership Book:

arms, cars, small birds, breath, books, COMMUNICATION, contracts, crystals, duality, forms, gossip, highways, letters, messengers, offices, papers, porters, relatives, restlessness, rumors, streets, telephones, thought, wireless, walking, twins, woodbine, writers… 

Will Vesta in the sign of restlessness disturb your focus? Or will you focus that much more on Gemini items? Both? Maybe you’ll write TWO novels! You’ll have to let me know how this transit plays out for you.

And yes of course I must mention that ANY planet or asteroid in Gemini will square Jupiter in Virgo and square Neptune in Pisces and square Chiron in Pisces and oppose Saturn in Sagittarius (and Mars is retrograding out of Sag, back into Scorpio…)

Your Gemini House in Gemini Season and with Vesta there becomes where you should focus and where I think you WILL focus. Vesta of course becomes  anxious if her focus is not top notch so I recommend that you focus on MORE THAN ONE THING to appease Mercury AND Vesta.

Questions? You know how to find me 🙂


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I did do videos for this past week for each sign. Here is the link!

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