For The Orphans And Other Pluto People: The Stars This Week

To soothe your Root Chakra (yes, soothe, not fix not heal), clean your house.

This can be as simple as a simple sweep but what I find SO difficult is, again, this perfectionism which is at the root of Venus Chiron square Saturn pain: it won’t ever be perfect. It will still be “dirty,” it will still be “toxic” but the truth is:

it is NOT dirty. It is NOT toxic. 

Your body, your home, YOU are not dirty and not toxic and you do not need a cleanse.

So this morning I was posting in the class about Crown Chakra because I wanted to start at the top but my search led me to Root and irony indeed I was cleaning my root, my house, when I got an IBS flare-up (hello Root Chakra) and felt bad about my inability to properly clean this huge house and as I was saying yesterday: it won’t ever be done. We aren’t ever done.

So what? What if it just sits there? What if you sit there with it? You and the dust and dirt on the window blinds? What then? Can you sit with it? Knowing what is there? Proof. How does that feel? To be “dirty”? To have an unfinished task? To be imperfect and wrong because having a “dirty” house or a “dirty” body is wrong isn’t it? Isn’t it? What if you had no reason to feel guilty. Indeed you have no reason to feel guilty. I wonder if you can let the guilt go. If you’ll allow it. Holding onto it is exactly what creates the sludge in your chakras.

North Node leaves Virgo for Leo in May so let’s get these lessons while we can.

I wanted to give you some advice for this week which is filled with topsy turvy energy:

Sun enters Taurus
Mars enters Gemini
Mercury is rx and returns to Aries
Pluto goes retrograde

If you were born into a family who is gone for whatever reason (they are dead, you cut them off, they cut you off, abandonment, etc etc etc) it may be helpful to go about soothing the Root Chakra in unconventional ways, away from the “expert” opinions, I mean this morning I quite quickly (oh not that quickly) discovered that in part I soothe my Root Chakra THROUGH my Crown Chakra. For me it’s not about NATURE or putting crystals all over my body or PERFECT WHOLE FOODS.

Crown helps Root, FAITH/God helps Root. Crown IS Root. See? Find YOUR truth.

For some of us the Root Chakra won’t ever be this EARTH SCHOOL IDEAL of… money in the bank, family in the bank, secure partnerships in the bank, health in the bank, every goddamn thing saved up and in the bank and Taurus Season is coming.

I discover most things through experience. I do some listening, some reading but mostly I learn from personal, intimate experience. Just telling you who I am. I know a lot of people who are filled to the brim with classes and book learning and this teacher and that but not me. I do not judge them. Just showing you how I am different. What I tell you is what I know from my experiences in my BODY. It’s never theory. So I learn a little something and I take it INTO my body and out comes something else, MY TRUTH. Absorb, process, share.

Clear light. Clear channel. Find the gunk. This is something easy to visualize. Where is the block. Start at the top and can you go all the way down in your mind? Where is the gunk? You can gently relax those chakras so they feel less afraid.

This week I recommend more stillness than ever before. Chakra study for fun not for self flagellation or finding new ways you are sick. Simple tasks okay but keep MISSION tasks to a minimum. Start but don’t finish. Have relaxed Pisces-flow-mind while doing Virgo small steps. Keep options open. More circles and less straight lines. Both/and instead of either/or.

Make sense?


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