A Certain Slant of Light: Sun Conjunct Pluto this Weekend

In astrology, the Sun is who you are and who you become. We grow into our charts.

A few of Isabel Hickey’s keywords for the Sun: WILL, INDIVIDUALITY, SPIRIT.

What do you think happens when Pluto conjoins it? To answer this question we have to talk about Pluto once again! One of Isabel Hickey’s first keywords for Pluto is REGENERATION.

She writes, “Pluto (regeneration) is the higher octave of Mars (animal energy).”

I have an early edition of this book. There’s very little about Pluto (unlike in later editions) but she does say this:

Know that in the house Pluto is placed there must be transformation and redemption. He will be used; whether by constructive force or destructive ones, he will be used.”

Pluto people know this feeling, the sense that our lives are not our own.

So, this Saturday, before the Sun and Pluto enter Aquarius, we have Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. You will feel this. You will feeeeeeeeeel this. The finality of it all. The death and rebirth. Where? In that late degree Capricorn part of your chart! Fifteen years of Pluto in Capricorn coming to a close this year.

I recommend a ritual, a rite. A wake? Sitting shiva for Pluto leaving Capricorn? Maybe. Cry for what you’ve lost and then open the blinds. There’s a certain slant of light, Winter afternoons

I’m up early, had my breakfast of leftover Chinese food and coffee, and I’m watching the snow come down. The light tower at the construction site across the site is too bright for any hour, one might argue, but we need more light don’t we?

Pluto, too, is light. Pluto is light, in part, because Pluto digs, excavates, penetrates. Pluto people know this too! People who live with Pluto people know this! My old high school friend (that mega-Scorpio) said to me (after he found me on Facebook 20 years later): you’re the same as in high school, always analyzing. Good Pluto doesn’t just dig to dig though, they dig to root out the lie.

In a later edition of Hickey’s book she lists “positive expressions” of Pluto. I know I’ve shared this before: Here are the words. They are great words:

Free Flowingness

Everything you know about Pluto may not be wrong, but did you know Free Flowingness is also Pluto, as opposed to Intensity (Negative Expression of Pluto)?

We are ending and beginning in our Capricorn House. Remember the Saturn Pluto conjunction of 2020 (which ushered in Covid) was in Capricorn. I really want to say there’s a whole new you emerging and I think I believe it.

To be continued

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