Pluto Square Pluto + The Big Astrology

I remember when I had my Pluto square Pluto transit. I was studying astrology. I was loving astrology. But even though I was meeting these cool people and learning this cool stuff and I remember walking home with my Pisces friend, to the train, and not knowing where it would lead, all this learning, and it filled me with longing for… I don’t know. Maybe it was just the city night. But I felt a kind of melancholy (I was in my 30s) that I don’t feel so much these days. I’m so glad I’m not in my thirties anymore. I’m also glad it’s not yesterday. What you learn during your Pluto square Pluto transit will change your life.

Flash forward many years. We have a Full Moon in Capricorn today. The Moon is conjunct Pluto. There are feelings.

The Big Astrology is my name for the Mars Uranus North Node situation at the end of the month. You might already know what this is about for you, if it’s something big. Others might get a surprise. You might not know where you’re headed. I drew the World card for you. Angeles Arrien wrote:  The Completion. You are building new world internally and externally, and actualizing them in your life.

To be continued…

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