Looking Ahead: Thanksgiving Day – Jupiter Square Pluto

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Jupiter expands what it touches.

We are taught this thing one in astrology school.

It may be the first thing I ever learned about Jupiter. And for those of us who are finishing up or are finished with a Jupiter 1st House transit we know all too well that this is a fat transit. And that the 12th House Jupiter transit may make you feel confined. Very. And your career should puff up with Jupiter 10th.

Jupiter inflates. 

Not that I have anything against fat or confinement or career puffery.

My point is: Jupiter is neutral. Jupiter expands what it touches. What it comes into contact with, it makes big.

1st House is a body house. Appearance house. And the 12th is your spiritual life yes but also your “self undoing.” Just two examples.

The Houses were what I fell in love with, when I first started studying astrology. I think Jupiter was my in 4th House then – when I really got deep in. And yes I moved to a bigger apartment but Pluto was also visiting my 4th House and it wasn’t a good move. It was a crisis move.

Jupiter through your 2nd is good for money. Jupiter 3rd and you feel better and write more. Jupiter 5th is an incredible creativity (and possibly sex) transit. Jupiter 6th is more work and fun at work and Jupiter in 7th could be marriage and in the 8th good money coming in and desire for sex whether or not you have a partner and Jupiter 9th is back to school or higher learning and 10th we already mentioned and 11th is also good for money and networking (with people who will give you money).

I want to say: you can’t go wrong with Jupiter but truth is…

Jupiter expands what it touches and there are some things we want to expand and some things we don’t. I’m sure Jupiter on my Moon influenced my decision to rent a HOUSE instead of an apartment (as did Saturn through my 4th).

Let’s talk transits for a sec and this is looking ahead.

Thanksgiving Day (in the U.S.) Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn at 15 degrees.

Think about what’s expanding there.
*Your* Pluto is.
And in reference to those houses in your chart.

Squares are an uneasy alliance. There are strings attached (esp with Pluto!) Jupiter seeks to expand Pluto in your such and such house (and then add to that whatever else it is doing in your chart!).

AND if that’s not enough? The Moon will be in Libra and Venus will be in Capricorn. LOL Enjoy your turkey, eh? Moon Jupiter square Venus Pluto. I won’t go more in depth here for the moment – just wanted to give you a heads up because I’ve been thinking about this for months. That Jupiter in LIBRA will square Pluto and oppose Uranus and that means the CANCER SUNS among us (or Risings or Moons) have another interesting year ahead.

Jupiter square Pluto.
What houses for you?

This isn’t just a mixed feelings expansion. I think you WANT IT but you’re afraid.


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