That You Blow Kisses To Your House: Full Moon In Virgo

Moon “rules” HOUSE.

Virgo wants a clean house, but as I said to a client today:
I am the Queen of Dust but NO CLUTTER please 🙂

What I did was:

woke up this morning and almost immediately, or maybe it was a bit after immediately, did a house blessing, impromptu, and I can’t even quite find the words for what happened but I went from room to room, guided, loving my house and blowing kisses and thinking about the various corners and wondering if a certain friend with certain artistic flair could make me some new art to hang up (Scorpio gentleman).

I RECOMMEND this ritual to you in the morning when you wake up feeling sad, whether it’s your own or from the collective.

That I felt some sadness in the universe in the collective this morning and decided to address it on my Facebook which is where I mostly hold court (besides a bit on IG and Twitter @moonplutonyc).

So we need to talk about hope under Saturn skies because this weekend Mercury will square Saturn and you will feel hopeless at times. And emotional. Full Moon emotional and you may quote or misquote MacBeth OUT, DAMNED SPOT. Virgo Moon joke.

Which reminds me WHY do I keep attracting these caustic Mercury square Saturn people. And I don’t mean my beautiful friend A who also has Mercury square Saturn I mean OTHER ONES. Damn. Y’all got barbed wire tongues! I like a little honey with my words. I’m a honey witch!

So that’s my advice for you, dear Star Lovers: 

stay aware of the weekend vibes: Mercury square Saturn is harsh words, harsh thoughts, harsh negative self-talk, harsh ideas, verbal abuse, teasing, bullying. BE NICE to each other. Moon in Virgo is CRITICAL and a poorly aspected Full Moon in Virgo should just shut up and judge silently (ha).

I hope you have a good weekend, I hope you kiss and bless your house. Neptune blessings, my darlings and a SHOUT OUT to my wonderful clients this week and today. I’m so honored that you choose me to be part of your life. I know that sounds corny but it’s how it feels. I’m honored.


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