Full Moon Eclipse In Pisces: Meet Me At The Crossroads

"full moon eclipse in pisces"

This is an anniversary of sorts for me.

But, first, a digression:

I have nothing (very little) to hide. What you see is what you get. No hidden mess here. No secret addiction, no secret life. This is me.

So last year around this this time I got involved with someone and really I had no business getting involved with anyone much less a charismatic Taurus but, see, I wanted something.

I’d been through a bad (understatement) traumatic (understatement) relationship and the Taurus pursued me.

To say I was in a vulnerable frame of mind is another understatement. But I went for it. He seemed to like me. I thought he was interesting and I loved talking to him. He was a friend of a friend on Facebook. What could go wrong?

(No comment)

It took me nearly a year to get over it, him. The Taurus. Definitely less than a year. Let me count the months from first meeting: about 8 months. Less than a pregnancy.

My point is this:

that guy was part of the previous guy, part of that cycle and the Eclipse is coming to my SEVENTH HOUSE where the South Node currently is. Take the big broom and sweep. Clear it. Set fire to it. Drown it. Call in ALL the elements. Rise tornado rise!

So this morning I’m on Amazon looking for a crockpot and I see a model that I purchased summer two years ago when it was clear what I was dealing with but unable to break free. Uranus square my Sun caused crisis and change but I couldn’t leap as far as God wanted me to and thus remained as life only got worse and worse until around this time last year.

The point of this possibly vague story:

The Pisces Full Moon ECLIPSE is happening somewhere in your chart and it’s time to say goodbye. It’s an energetic clearing at this point. End of cycle. The person(s) may be long gone but here we have the last, final, coffin nail. Bang it out.

Take the lessons or leave them. I recommend the crossroads. A crossroads ritual. And disperse that shit. You don’t need it anymore.


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