CHANGE IS THE AIR: More Thoughts on Pluto in Aquarius

Looking for a sure thing on the verge of such important transits (Pluto in Aquarius anyone?) is hilarious at best.

A sure thing? Certainty? I’m making a face as I type this. Impossible!

Pluto entering Aquarius for the next twenty years (another Capricorn rx this year, notwithstanding) is huge news. Like anything’s gonna stay the same? Like no way.

But here I go again (same question, different day) wondering if I should remain at my psychoanalytic institute or apply to this other one I’ve had my eye on. Weighing. Measuring. Pros. Cons. Also: Who knows if they would accept me. And what would I do if they said yes? (Edited to add: definitely gonna apply.)

Always this question: when do we stay and when do we go? When do we need to work something through versus finding a better (a better enough) home. (Apologies to Winnicott.)

ONE THING is for certain: trying to know for sure *at this time* won’t happen. Not yet. Earlier this morning I did get a visit from the Seven of Cups. Best not to reach after fact, irritably, and, instead, to feel into those seven Cups.

I said to my analyst a couple weeks ago that I wish I could quit the whole thing entirely, the whole pursuit. But I love it. I don’t want to let it go. And I’ve had some good experiences at this school (and learned a ton), but also a lot of bad ones, and I need the scales to tip to the good. I want to be happier along the way. I think it’s possible. But again this question of where emotional freedom lives: staying and working through or moving on (and working through because we’re always working through). Reality exists. We can’t marry everyone. It’s the extremes though (says Moon Pluto conjunction in the First House).

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I know some of you keep up with My Psychoanalysis Life but I also know that you’re also struggling with questions of timing and knowing when to hold ’em vs knowing when to fold ’em.

Remember, too, we have a Jupiter Uranus conjunction (change) coming in the spring AND Jupiter entering Gemini (more change) so… change is in the air.

Actually, change IS the air.

Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Feel better?

To be continued

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